Justice Tiny Tim?

Gottfried nails it once again in this discussion of Kagan from AltRight.

An overweight Jewish lesbian, whose career seems to have been put on fast track by her political supporters both inside and outside the media and someone who if she held diametrically opposed views, would not even be considered for a grounds crew post at Harvard, she is the quintessential symbol of Obama’s America. Her praise for her mentor Thurgood Marshall, whose “glory” it was to have acknowledged “special rights for the disadvantaged and despised,” does not in any way represent Christian or bourgeois morality. It is a ridiculous parody of what Nietzsche described as the behavior of the “Last Man,” the type of decadent who combines slave morality with philistine tastelessness. Kagan not only looks the part of this Last Man. She is the real article, no less than her fellow-law professors in the Ivy League and their imitators in the Bush League, who spend their time and energy instructing judges and state administrators on the practices and intricacies of victimology.

Also, check out Gottfried’s discussion in the Comments section of the relationship between Cultural Marxism and the so-called “Jewish Question.”

As for the chicken and egg conundrum and the Jewish question, I think there is no necessary relation between Jewish economic and social success and Jewish support for cultural Marxism. Jews are cultural Marxists because they fear an intact Christian bourgeois society, which they see as an historic enemy. They therefore try to neutralize the perceived or imaginary enemy in order to survive as a supposedly endangered minority. Jewish support for the cultural Left and its allies in government does no more to advance Jewish interests than Hitler’s decision to persecute Jews. It is an entirely irrational as well as destructive response to a fictitious friend/enemy distinction, albeit one that Jewish organizations like the ADA and Canadian Jewish Congress frenetically endorse.

It does not suggest a Jewish conspiracy but the superior skill of Jews in comparison to other predominantly leftist groups, like Irish Catholics, blacks and Hispanics, in organizing cultural Marxist politics. Since white Protestants are deteriorating into Lindsay Graham Republicans or worse, there is no effective opposition any longer to the transformative mission of the media and managerial state. Among those pushing us into anarcho-tyranny or cultural Marxist madness, Jews are simply better than their allies, like Patrick Leahy, Joe Biden, John Keary and the members of the Black Caucus.

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