18% believe states have the right to secede

Thanks to our Las Vegas friends for digging this Rasmussen study up. These numbers are basically the same as those revealed by the Zogby poll two years ago. Apparently, the numbers have remained the same even with a change in the ruling party. I’d be curious how the Rasmussen numbers break down on demographic lines. The Zogby poll showed secessionist support had something of a leftward slant, with liberals, youth, the less educated, low income, and minorities being somewhat more sympathetic. I wonder if the demographics have shifted rightward during the Age of Obama, even if the overall numbers have remained the same.

Our primary goal should be to push these numbers upward on a continual basis. For instance, over the years I’ve seen support for issues or movements like gay rights and marijuana legalization gradually rise from the same kinds of numbers secessionists have at present to being an almost majority nationwide at present. That’s happened in roughly twenty years. I’ve outlined a forty-year plan for our movement. In twenty years we need to have at least as much support for the mere right of secession as things like marijuana decriminalization or gay marriage have at present, and the size of actual secession movements and their support has to show a corresponding increase. Right now ten percent of the U.S. population thinks secession would be good, and another twenty percent is on the fence. We need to get a solid thirty percent in our camp within the next decade or two. By the year 2050, we need to have a majority of the U.S. population in favor of actual secession by their particular region or community, and an even larger majority in favor to the technical right of secession, just like a majority of Americans presently support abortion rights, even if some of them are personally opposed to abortion or would not participate in it.

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