Carson Takes Down the Police State

In two articles.

Law Abiding Citizens Heart Gangsters

There are dozens or hundreds of SWAT raids every week all around the country, for simple possession, with the same kinds of unannounced 3AM breakins that used to be associated with the Gestapo and OGPU. You can read every week of people tasered to death or physically brutalized for “resisting arrest” when in fact they were in diabetic comas or having epileptic seizures. You can read of people (including grandmothers and little girls) beaten within an inch of their lives for “noncompliance,” despite posing absolutely no physical threat of any kind, simply because the alpha male cop went off on them like a pit bull on angel dust in the face of a lesser creature that refused to show its belly.  And unless someone’s lucky enough to have clear video footage to prove the cops are lying each other up — and usually not even then — you can count on the worst happening to them being suspension with pay pending a pro forma finding that “all procedures were followed” and there was “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

Government Services: Where the Customer Is Always Wrong

Imagine a bakery that, instead of selling you what you ask for when you go inside, enrolls you on their customer list against your will, charges your account for whatever package of goods they think you should buy, and sends someone to collect the bill at gunpoint.  If you want any of the pastries or loaves they have on display, you’re expected to take them along with the bakery’s choice of other offerings whether you want them or not.

And if you walk in to pick up a loaf of fresh-baked bread, and the baker beats you senseless or tasers you, you’d better not complain if you don’t want to be called a hypocrite.  After all, you badmouth the baker, you dirty stinking hippie, but you sure don’t mind coming to him when you want bread!  Anyway, you little ingrate punk, I’ve seen what it’s like when people don’t have bread, and believe you me the bakers are the only thing standing between you and hunger!

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