The Anti-Bigotry Cult Reaches New Lows

I have argued in the past that Totalitarian Humanism is every bit as insidious and obscurantist and Communism, Nazism, and theocratic religious fundamentalism. Here are some more examples:

Anti-Racist Mathematics

Black Holes Are Racists

Now, how is this any different from Soviet Lysenkoism, Nazi propagandists denouncing modern physics as “Jew science,” or medieval theocrats denouncing the heliocentric model of the solar system?

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  1. That just seems too silly to really take seriously. It’s the same thing with that book Liberal Fascism, except the other way around…

  2. “That just seems too silly to really take seriously.”

    I’d like to think that is the case. But I do come across this kind of thing with an increasing frequency. I hope this kind of stuff will eventually pass the way the panic over the “backward masking” of supposed subliminal satanic messages in rock music passed eventually. In fact, I’d like to thing PC in general is simply a contemporary version of the 80s “satanic panic” but the problem is that the “satanic panic” was confined to subcultures of religious fundamentalists and media charlatans who would do anything for a dollar. But PC has a powerful hold on the minds of otherwise intelligent, educated people, and has become much more deeply entrenched in institutions.

  3. It has. Perhaps we’ll soon start hearing of a secret nationwide network of racist organizations running daycare centers and using them as fronts for abusing children in racist ways…do you remember the racist babies and racist brainwaves articles?

  4. I researched the “racist babies” bullshit on google and I was both amused and disturbed at the occasional, obviously liberal comment-poster taking it seriously.

  5. “Racist math” means that minority students in white-run schools have trouble learning complicated subjects like mathematics because the presentation is not suited to their vocabulary & learning style. The ironic thing is that this is the result of forced desegregation.

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