Dr. Tomislav Sunic interviews Keith Preston

The interview will be aired on Voice of Reason on Tuesday, June 8,  at 9 pm Eastern U.S time.

The Sunic Journal

An Interview with Keith Preston from Attack the System
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On Tuesday, June 8, 2010, at 9 PM Eastern US time, Voice of Reason® will air Tom’s interview with renowned writer and revolutionary thinker Keith Preston.

How to listen and/or download the show for free is listed at the bottom of this page.

Topics for discussion will include:

· Pan-secessionism as the visionary tactic for detaching organically constituted communities from the Global-Bureaucratic Empire. An overarching empire that can easily be seen as the common enemy of all population groups.

· Keith gives Dr. Sunic and his listeners a broad overview of National Anarchism and its importance as a growing movement.

· The need for communities to regain their innate sense of self-determination by recognizing not only their uniqueness, but the “legitimacy of otherness.” For National Anarchists diversity isn’t simply a political locution used to browbeat white people, but something inherent in nature that must be respected.

· Keith and Tom discuss the mind and life of the legendary Warrior-Intellectual Ernst Junger. What follows is a development of Junger’s concept of the individual man as the “anarch.”

· Junger’s warrior ethos as a means for creating a truly free man who controls his own mind no matter how oppressive and ubiquitous the criminal state becomes.

About Keith Preston and his work:

To learn more about Keith and his ideas for “Pan-secessionism Against the Empire” please explore his website Attack the System. You can download his award-winning essay “Free Enterprise: The Antidote to Corporate Plutocracy” here. Keith has also written interesting and insightful essays for the Alternative Right.

Listening and download instructions:

The show will air on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network. To tune in to the live feed for this and all VoR programming, click here to use Windows Media Player or here for Winamp.  For iTunes:  open iTunes, press Ctrl+U on your keyboard, copy/paste into the Open Audio Stream dialog box, then click OK (you will now be able to listen to VoR live on iTunes any time by clicking on ‘Voice of Reason Broadcast Network’ in your music list).  If you cannot catch it as it airs on Tuesday, the interview will be archived in mp3 format for download on Tom’s page at the VoR site soon after the show ends (archived shows are listed on the right side of page).

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  1. Sunic is becoming more clownish by the day. But he’s filling a niche that nobody else is really taking, and it’ll be nice to finally hear your voice.

  2. The interview went very well. Tom is an excellent interviewer, and the discussion was very free-form, with no attempt to stage the questions and responses.

  3. Seconded.

    I just can’t get over how much the announcer sounds like Mike Judge in ‘Office Space’…

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