Most Tea Partiers Support the American Empire

So says an informal poll from the Code Pink ladies.

This is about what I would have expected. But there’s some light:

The 15 people who wanted to dismantle the web of foreign military bases included Josh Little, a college student from Alexandria, Virginia. Josh said that his grandfather helped overthrow Hitler, but that was 60 years ago and it was high time for us to leave Germany. “I’d say the same for Japan, Korea and all of Europe. They can take care of themselves.”

One of the most sophisticated people I talked to all day was 22-year-old college student Andrew Barth from College Park, Maryland. “The hawks represent the old guard — so do both the Republican and the Democratic parties. With a few exceptions, they all love war and empire. But a small-government movement worth its salt can’t just be anti-Washington, it has to be anti-empire. If not, I’m outta here.”

It sounds like the younger generation of right-wing radicals needs a new home. Here we are.

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  1. This brings up an important issue.

    One reason that I attack the Left so vehemently is because of my recognition that the Left ultimately shares the same value system as the liberal cultural elite and cosmopolitan ruling class, e.g., racism is the ultimate sin, nationalism is bad and globalism is good, sexual license and personal hedonism are the highest social values, economism, and so forth. A left-wing movement that shares the same cultural values of the elite will easily be coopted by the elite.

    But the same could be said of the kinds of “conservative” and “libertarian” elements that comprise the Tea Parties. Most of them share the same jingoistic Americanism as the right-wing of the ruling class (the plutocrats and their neocon intellectual leaders). Many of them are also fundamentalists who believe in the theology of Christian Zionism. They share the neocons’ fanatical loyalty to Israel, and they are just as globalist as liberals, only they want America to rule the world through the Pentagon rather than through the UN. Their economic rhetoric is just warmed over Reaganomics they lifted from the loudmouths on talk radio: “Those poor old billionaires who are so oppressed by taxes and regulation so they can’t create any more jobs for little ol’ me, which they do out of the goodness of their hearts……”

    Just as the Left can be coopted by the liberal cultural establishment because it shares the same cultural values, so can the Right and the neocons be coopted by the plutocracy because it shares the same economic values and the same idiotic jingoistic “patriotism.” Btw, Maury2K has some recent blog posts that describe the problems with the supposed “radical right” and “radical left” pretty well:



    I don’t attack conservatives as much as the Left because I think the mainstream Right is swimming against the historical tides and represents the losing forces of modern American history. With the happy exception of the crowd around Lew Rockwell, much of libertarianism is just bourgeoisie economics combined with cultural leftism, which mirrors the ideology of the present ruling class perfectly. For instance, some of the more radical libertarians disdain the lack of militancy displayed by, say, Cato or the Reason circle, but what do they really have to be militant about? How is the present system all that antithetical to their values?

    That’s why I’ve argued in the past that an anti-System or anti-state movement needs to be rooted in those population groups who are most under attack by the state, and who have the least to lose by rejecting the system. The National-Anarchists are a good example: What could be more anti-establishment than to combine anarchism with “far right” cultural or social views, anti-capitalism, and anti-imperialism?

  2. I’m both with you and with the Tea Party. The basic reason to stick with them in spite of thier problems is that they are big enough to have regular rallies in my locality (Asheville NC), where you aren’t. They endorsed a candidate for NC state senate district 49, whre you didn’t. You guys just aren’t a viable option here outside of cyberspace, so I have to compromise heavily.

  3. Based on this admittedly un-representative sample conducted by an unfriendly pressure group I’d say a lot of the Tea Party types seem to be current or former government workers – ex soldiers, sailors, airmen, retired cops, homeland security staff etc – which does give the movement a national socialist whiff – employees of an expansionist, militarist, police state protesting at the undeserving non-whites (non State employees) getting a share of the state budget to which they’ve got exclusive claim. These people won’t attack a state that they’ve made a living out of serving. The battle in the USA seems to be a fight between one half of the State’s dependents and the other half and not a conflict of those outside the State with those within it.

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