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  1. A good intro of your views to the AR crowd, though I wonder why you rate that site so highly.The level of discourse there’s a rung or two lower than on this site. Look at the racial hysterics in the first reply to your post, for instance! Then you’ve got blokes like Richard Hoste; I bet he’ll have a heart attack when he sees the word “reparations”!

  2. “…though I wonder why you rate that site so highly.”

    Noam Chomsky was once asked what he thought of anarcho-capitalists, and he said that while he disagreed with anarcho-capitalists on many things, at one point their journals like “Inquiry” were the only ones willing to publish his controversial “anti-American” and “anti-Israel” articles. Likewise, I’ve found that these “alternative right” people are the only semi-professional outlet that will touch me with a ten foot pole. LRC published some of my stuff on “totalitarian humanism” at one point, but even with them I had to delete any content containing negative references to Christianity. There aren’t many taboos these AR folks will not countenance, not paganism, secessionism, anarchism, white nationalism, “anti-Americanism”, et.al.

    “Look at the racial hysterics in the first reply to your post, for instance!”

    Yeah, he missed the whole point of my post. I was discussing the need to PREVENT and AVOID precisely the kind of race war/ethnic cleansing scenarios he seemed to be endorsing. Incidentally, “Jupiter” was one of the reasons the comments section at Taki’s Mag was disabled.

    “Then you’ve got blokes like Richard Hoste; I bet he’ll have a heart attack when he sees the word “reparations”!”

    LOL! Maybe.

  3. Honestly after Takimag went down the shitter I’m grateful we have this, even if it means I have to endure Richard “nigras are stupid and I don’t respect them” Hoste and Alex “build a fence around Africa” Kurtagic. And unlike a lot of the commentariat I don’t mind the Viking stuff.

  4. I can’t see AR due to some kind of firewall, but here’s my general two cents; Unfortunately, all of these movements have a hell of a lot of ideological baggage (PC bullshit with the dissident left, racial and religious bigotry with the dissident right), but the dissident right seems more willing to engage in active debate than the left (even if that active debate consists of ridiculous hysterical race-ranting). The left simply calls you ‘fascist’ and bans your IP if you step out of line. I guess the right is so far beyond the pale politically that they really have nothing to lose by engaging with people like us, whereas the left have the entire establishment backing up their cultural values.

    The question is, are there many worthwhile tendencies on the left that can be engaged with, and perhaps brought into this little ‘rainbow coalition’ of ours (irony very much intended)? Keith, have you had any contact with TELOS at all? I recall they’ve published articles very favourable to Alain de Benoist.

  5. I know people who are part of the inner circle around TELOS, but I’ve never done much political outreach towards them. I’m not quite sure how to assess them at this point. Yes, they’ve expressed sympathy towards some of DeBenoist’s ideas in the past, but I’ve also seem sympathy in their circle for things like the Euston Manifesto. Some of their criticisms of the “new class” overlap with ours, but we shouldn’t get too excited about that, as the new class has been attacked by some neocon theorists as well. I do appreciate their honest discussions of controversial thinkers like Carl Schmitt.

    As for worthwhile tendencies on the left, I have a positive relationship with the Vermont secessonist movement, which is generally a far left-libertarian movement. Also, some of the folks in the circle around Alex Cockburn show promise. Dave Lindorff, for example, recently came out in favor of impeaching Obama. Boston’s Antiwar League is quite good, and so are some of the Naderites. Sam Smith’s Progressive Review is a good journal. Joe Bageant writes a lot of stuff worth reading.

    On a more personal level, I’ve had discussions with black nationalists, some Marxists and other stereotypical “far left” types who don’t really seem to mind my views all that much. I think we need to make a distinction between “liberalism” and the genuinely radical left. Some of the latter are people who genuinely reject the System, whereas most liberals really don’t, no matter how anti-establishment they claim to be. Also, among a lot of ordinary activists I’ve found a different temperament than what’s to be found online. For instance, when dealing with Infoshop, LibCom, RevLeft, ALL, RadGeek and other comparable elements, I’m usually like, “What a bunch of shitheads!” But I don’t get that from a lot of activist types who are outside the realm of the keyboard warriors. It looks like a lot of these online forums attract the very worst elements from the respective political milieus.

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