Updated News Digest March 27-28, 2010

“Marcuse Is Dead…And We Have Killed Him.” -Quagmire, ATS Reader

Spontaneous Order-NEW VIDEO!

AlternativeRight.Com Is Now Live!

Community Organizing and National-Anarchism presentation by Andrew Yeoman

Tribal Anarchism Video Series Parts One, Two, Three, Four

United Anarchism Vs United Nationism 

Fall of the New World Order

The Tyranny of “Tolerance”

Vermont Secession Strategy by Kirkpatrick Sale

A Strategy Manual for the Liberty Movement by James Ostrowski

Taser Nation by Eric Peters

Truth Has Fallen and Has Taken Liberty With It by Paul Craig Roberts

Covering Up American War Crimes by Charles Glass

The Crime of Iraq by Laurence Vance

Civil Liberties in Obama’s America by Anthony Gregory

The Creepy Tyranny of Hate Speech Laws by Glenn Greenwald

Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now by William Norman Grigg

The Health Care Crisis: A Crisis of Artificial Scarcity by Kevin Carson

America’s Illegal Combatants by Eric Margolis

The District of Crooks by Walter Williams

Stop Funding the Israelis by Justin Raimondo

Israel Wins Again-Is War Next? by Philip Giraldi

War in Iraq: Seven Years On by Greg Mitchell

Israel’s Passport Farm by Justin Raimondo

Will Obama Lose His Troops Over Israel? by Pat Buchanan

The U.S. Has No Place Brokering Peace by Charles Pena

More Sanctions Against Iran Are Not the Answer by Ivan Eland

Republicans Seek Deal on Detainee Trials by William Fisher

Buzzkill at the Tea Party by Kelley B. Vlahos

This Is Your Army on Drugs by Kelley B. Vlahos

Anarchy in Africa? by John James

Louis Ferdinand Celine: An Anarcho-Nationalist by Tom Sunic

From Good to Bad Social Engineering by Doug Bandow

The President’s Nullification Power by Jacob Hornberger

End the Wars  by David Henderson

What’s Got Obama So Pissed? by Matthew Cole

Two Cheers for Netanyahu? by John Walsh

Don’t Expect a New Era in U.S.-Israel Relations? by Alexander Cockburn

Will the Taliban Regain Control of Afghanistan? by M. Shahid Alam

Are You Part of the Remnant? by Albert Jay Nock

We Must Nullify by Rob Natelson

Congress, Israel, and U.S. National Security by Ralph Nader

Immigration: The Elites Versus the People by Pat Buchanan

Washington Murdered Privacy at Home and Abroad by Paul Craig Roberts

The Wars of Tribe and Faith Return by Pat Buchanan

American Naifs Bringing Ruins to Other Lands by Paul Craig Roberts

The Offshored Economy by Paul Craig Roberts

What Our Rulers’ Non-Reaction to American Renaissance’s 2010 Suppression Means by Jared Taylor

Texas Set to Execute Another Possibly Innocent Man by Dave Lindorff

The Special Interests Who Love Obamacare by Matt Welch

A Challenge to the Tea Parties: Embrace the Class Struggle by Brad Spangler

Hard Lessons From the Soviet Union by Stuart Bramhall

Libertarians for Redistribution by Gary Chartier

Conspiracy and the Paranoid Center by Kevin Carson

Conspiracy and the Paranoid Center, Part 2 by Kevin Carson

Resilient Communities and Darknets Featured in Time Magazine by John Robb

John McCain’s Attack on Liberty by Chuck Baldwin

Independent Columnists Perhaps, But Not Independent Minds by Derek Turner

Health Insurance Bonanza by John Walsh

On to the Unemployment Crisis by Craig D. Rose

Obama’s Bloody War in Mexico by Mike Whitney

The Uncertain Fate of Afghan Detainees by Gareth Porter

Seven Years of War in Iraq by Andy Worthington

Why Israel Always Prevails by Jeffrey Blankfort

Secrets of the Tribe  by Barbara Rose Johnston

Practice Makes Perfect by Steve Sailer

Hipsters on Food Stamps by Jennifer Bleyer

History’s Most Destructive Volcanoes by Andrea Thompson

Foreign Policy Murder Is Still Just That by Allan Stevo

Ancient Rome in a Modern Light by Robert Bianco

Technophilia, Technotyranny, Technoinfantilism by Christopher Ketcham

Imperialism Rebooted in Latin America by Todd Gordon and Jeffery R. Webber

Rebirthing the Antiwar Movement by Clare Bayard and Sarah Lazare

“When You’re Dying, You Explore Radical Medication” by JoAnn Wypijewski

Kucinich and the Media by David Swanson

The City of Detroit Is Dead by Gary North

Israeli Libertarians: Strangers in a Strange Land by Phil Maymin

A Brief History of Political Scandals by Andy Bloxham

Truth Versus the Federal Liar State by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Euro Headed for Extinction? by Dan Weil

16,500 New IRS Agents by Ron Paul

The Lunatic Left is Getting Desparate by Thomas DiLorenzo

The Crash of 2010 Is Coming by Gerald Celente

Retire In Poverty by Ron Holland

Who Is a Jew? DNA Can Hold the Key by Steve Jones

American Conspiracies: Up Close and Personal With Jesse Ventura by Tom Murro

Hillary Clinton: Women Don’t Own Their Own Bodies  by David Kramer

States Seek to Legalize and Tax Marijuana by Ryan McMaken

The War on Drugs Causes Violence by Wilton Alston

Has the FBI Infiltrated the Tea Parties? by Lew Rockwell

Attention, NRA Members: It Isn’t Just “Liberals” Who Are Out for Your Guns by Christopher Donovan

Do They Wear White Hoods to Their Tea Parties? by David Franke

Have a Nice War, Folks by John Pilger

$PLC Finds Another Target by David Kramer

Which Is Worse? U.N. or U.S.? by Manuel Lora

PIGS Assault Innocent Civilians in Chicago by William Norman Grigg

You Can’t Have It Both Ways with Original Intent by James Leroy Wilson

“The Italians were called wops, the Jews were called hymies, I was of course a greaseball, and every Hispanic was a spic. Well, we all got along famously! It was rough, but it was fine.”

                                                                -Taki Theodoracopulos

Putting Israel First Grant F. Smith interviewed by Scott Horton

Left and Right Against the Empire Jesse Walker interviewed by Angela Keaton

American Insanity in Somalia Ivan Eland interviewed by Scott Horton

Americans Against World Empire Jon Basil Utley interviewed by Scott Horton

China Need Not Be an Enemy John Walsh interviewed by Scott Horton

On Agrarianism, Part 2 by Matthew Raphael Johnson

“The “clash of civilizations” is, in a very literal sense, a clash of God and Mammon. The Islamic revolutionaries are driven by a fanatical devotion to their god and the promises they believe he has made to them if only they take up arms on his behalf. The nations of the West are driven by an almost as fanatical devotion to Mammon, that is, to wealth, luxury, power, pleasure and privilege. Further, the culture of the West combines this unabashedly materialist ethos with rejection of strength and discipline in favor of a maternalistic emphasis on health, safety, “sensitivity”, “self-esteem”, “potential”, “personal growth”, “getting in touch with one’s inner child”, “feelings” and other concepts common to pop culture psychobabble. Of course, the socio-cultural ramifications of this is to create a society of weaklings, mediocrities and crybabies.”

                                                                                                   -Keith Preston

No Class by The Plasmatics

The Late, Great G. G. Allin on Jerry Springer 

Bite It, You Scum by G.G. Allin

Guns, Bitches, Brawls, and Bottles by G.G. Allin

The Impotent Sea Snakes 

For the Love of Chains  by The Impotent Sea Snakes

Cream In My Jeans by Wayne/Jayne County and the Electric Chairs

Dare to be Fat by Root Boy Slim

Animal (Fuck Like a Beast) by W.A.S.P.

Die With Honor by Manowar

Psychopath by Lizzie Borden

(Commentary from Maury2k)

Tea Party Vs Reparations 

Ron Paul or RuPaul Tea Party? 

Coup D’Etat USA Revisited 

Obama Cult Continues to Roll 

Ass Over Teakettle 

Sam Francis: A Paleo Against Movement Conservative Pussies 

Human Events Neocons Pat Buchanan 

Beer Party Movement 

(hat tip to Chris Donnellan for the following links)

Life is war and conflict, struggle and strife, from conception till death…Never shall the lion lie down peacefully with the lamb…”

Why are those who espouse Univeral Love, Tolerance, and ‘Human Brotherhood,’ usually the most screwed up people you’ve ever met, socially and emotionally? Not to mention some of the nastiest and most self-centered narcissists around?”                                                                                   

                                                                                                  -Chris Donnellan

A Cloward-Piven Strategy for Single Payer 

Widening Income Disparities in America 

Wachovia Admits It Laundered Millions in Mexican Drug Cash 

Facebook Linked to Rise in Syphilis

Cultural Marxism

Pass the Soylent Green by John Zmirak

Mexico’s Drug Wars Rage Out of Control

New Species of Human Ancestor Found in Siberia 

Netanyahu for President by Thomas Fleming

The New World Order According to Arthur Jensen

Carl Schmitt, the Inquisition, and Totalitarianism 

Emile Cioran and the Culture of Death 

This Difficult Individual Eustace Mullins

The “Big Tent” Tradition 

Oil Reserves Exaggerated by One-Third

 Leaderless Resistance 

Neo-Fascist Review of Hurt Locker 

(hat tip to Andrew Yeoman for the following links)

“What You Believe is Not as Important as What You Do.”

                                                                                                  -Andrew Yeoman

Racism and Obamacare 

Prayer Warriors and Palin Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America 

Love, Sex, and the Male Brain 

Democrats Offices Across U.S. Attacked 

The Lesson of Detroit Is That Experts Do Not See a Collapse Coming 

79% Say U.S. Economy Could Collapse 

Lawmakers Eyeing National ID Card

14 Reasons Why Somali Pirates Run a $150 Million Per Year Business 

How Run Your Business Like a Somali Pirate 

The Deadly Art of Knife Fighting 

Rage and Health Care by John Robb

Lies About Knife Fighting 

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs: Planned Tactics for the Collapse 

Huge Escalation in Organized Gangs Taking On the Police 

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism 

Forty Years in the Wilderness? 

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

National Anarchy and the American Idea

Don’t Talk to the Police

“The king is most wounded by ridicule.” -Thomas Hobbes

Improved Gadsden Flag - DONT TREAD ON ANYONE

Free Sex With Coupon 

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