Interview: Sebastian Ernst Ronin of the Renaissance Party of North America

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Mr. Ronin is the Chairman of the Renaissance Party of  North America (RPN), for which I am the Secessionist Outreach officer.  This is a brand new party, having been formed only in December of 2009, and it is the only political party in North America that I would even consider becoming involved with at present.  The party’s mission statement and philosophical outlook is light years ahead of any of its competitors, as it combines syndicalist/distributist economics, radical decentralization, “archeofuturism” and other ENR-inspired ideas, anti-globalism, peak oil theory, anti-Cultural Marxism, anti-political correctness, anti-imperialism, a Spenglerian view of history, pan-secessionism, race-realism, a strident yet reasonable environmentalism, a social conservatism that is measured and libertarian, neo-paganism within a wider spirit of religious toleration, and criticism of mass immigration in the name of civilizational survival and self-preservation.  In other words, all of the best and most far-sighted contemporary ideas are being pulled together into a unified and syncretic whole.

Renaissance Party of North America (RPN)

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  1. I joined the facebook group for this party back when it first started, and it more or less mirrors my own personal views.

  2. This was an insightful interview. Ronin has some ideas that provoke thought, to whatever degree we all agree, and most importantly, he introduces the topics that make sense to be thinking about.

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