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  1. Yes, you’ve raised a very important point here. “Queers,” per se, are not our enemy. For instance, there are many people who belong to the various “sexual minority” categories who clearly do not conform to the totalitarian humanist paradigm. The organized “gay rights” movement is an important part of the “totalitarian humanist” coalition. I’ve referred to them as the “homo-totalitarians.” But, yes, you’re quite correct they don’t necessarily represent the “sexual minority” population as a whole.

    I know gays, lesbians, transgendereds, etc. (both personally and by reputation) who are paleoconservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, New Rightists, N-As, white nationalists, Marxists but not Cultural Marxists, Conservative Revolutionaries, leftists but not totalitarians, sincere left-anarchists or anti-authoritarians, even Holocaust Revisionists and lots of other perspectives outside the totalitarian humanist framework. Of course, most of them are probably just non-political regular folks like everyone else.

    The kind of Anti-PC movement I envision is not some kind of crypto-fascism or Falwell-like gay-basing. Rather, I’m for a genuinely progressive, libertarian, liberal, anarchistic, decentralist populism and anti-statist radicalism that simultaneously emphasizes conservative values such as responsibilitarianism, meritocracy, natural elitism, martial spirit, a tragic view of life, the inevitability of otherness, and so forth.

    The PC Left is so degenerate and limited in their thinking that they automatically think ideas of this type must be some kind of camouflaged Nazism. They simply cannot conceive of anything beyond their narrow worldview. It’s like the medieval thinkers who could not conceive of a world without the authority of the Church.

  2. I think it depends a great deal on the locality. In Frisco, with it’s totalitarian control of land use, you may be right. But not in most of the country, at least measured by area.
    This is something that probably is as it should be, the role of oppressor is different in different parts of the country.

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