You're a Phone Call Away From Saving a Life


by Ian Huyett

Last year, in a disturbing reminder of Israel’s ruthless assault on the USS Liberty, Israeli warships rammed an unarmed vessel in open violation of international maritime law. The Dignity, whose passengers included US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, was carrying food and medical supplies to the besieged population of Gaza. Imprisoned in the Gaza strip, 1.5 million Palestinian civilians have suffered unimaginable terror at the hands of an occupier that has made clear it has no regard for the sanctity of life.
For decades, Israel has used it’s powerful lobby to manipulate and control American foreign policy at the expense of our tax dollars and lives. Our pitiful government has looked the other way while Israeli agents have conducted campaigns of espionage and terrorism against American citizens. The Israeli regime is no more a friend to the American people then it is to the people of Gaza. It’s in the best interest of all nations to unite against Israeli policy.
As you read these words, UK politician George Galloway and a humanitarian convoy of 250 vehicles, crewed by 500 courageous people from 20 countries around the world, is stranded in Aqaba, Jordan. Just as Israel intends to use the United States to disable the potential threat of an awakening Iran, it is using the government of Egypt to prevent these nonpartisan activists from delivering medical supplies to the victims of the world’s first silent genocide.
If the Egyptian government cannot stand up to Israeli pressure, it can’t be expected to stand up to cries for justice from around the world. Contact your local Egyptian embassy and demand that the convoy be allowed to pass.
A nation establishes embassies to better international relations. Tell the government of Egypt how said relations might be effected if Egypt not only allows tragedy to occur, but denies relief to those who’ve managed to survive it.

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