North American New Right

Readers and supporters of AttacktheSystem.Com and American Revolutionary Vanguard should consider becoming involved with the North American New Right. The NANR Facebook page can be accessed here.

Articles by and about the New Right can be accessed here.

The online broadcasts of Dr. Tomislav Sunic, a leading scholar of the New Right, can be heard here.

The platform of the NANR is posted below. I wasn’t personally involved in writing the platform but it’s more or less the same ideological framework of ATS/ARV, though perhaps more moderately stated.

-For as much decentralization as possible to the local, state, and provincial levels as a reflection of the great regional, cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of North America, up to and including the right and necessity of regional secession. Based on current economic and demographic trends, we foresee the eventual fragmentation and breakup of Canada, Mexico, and The United States of America in their present forms, and the emergence of new nations, autonomous regions, and ethnostates in place of these existing polities.

-For an end to economic globalism and a return to local and regional based economies, with a premium on independence, self-sufficiency, and diversity rather than corporate based control and monoculture. We would like to see the present system of transnational capitalism replaced with an economy organized along Communitarian, Distributist, and Syndicalist lines, with family farms, small and medium sized businesses, joint partnerships, and co-ops as the foundation.

-For Non-Interventionism in Foreign Affairs and an end to all Imperialist Wars and ‘Police Actions.’

-For an end to Global Capitalist spurred Mass Immigration and its never ending quest for cheap labor at any price, and total opposition to anti-Western ideologies of Political Correctness and enforced Multiculturalism.

-For a system of internal improvements, public works projects, universal health care for all citizens, and a social safety net to prevent mass unemployment, poverty, and homelessness. Some of these services could be provided by non-governmental community or regional based institutions, and we are open to new ideas or suggestions in this area.

-For sensible environmental protections and ecological stewardship. We believe we are entering the age of Peak Oil and stark limits on sustainable economic and population growth.

-For moderate social conservative positions on most moral and social issues. We believe heterosexual marriage and a stable family unit are a bedrock of any healthy society.

-For an end to prohibition and for full legalization of most narcotics…and an end to the prison-industrial which costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year on wasteful and constitutionally questionable efforts to stem narcotics consumption.

-Our primary influences are The Distributists, Red Tories, Communitarians, the economists List and Carey, Samuel Francis, Patrick J. Buchanan, Russell Kirk, John Attarian, Michael O’Meara, Guilliame Faye, Alain De Benoist, and similar thinkers.

-We are skeptical about Mass Democracy, Unrestrained Populism, and the unconstrained egoism and chaos which results from Lassiez-Faire and Free Market economics. We value tradition and heritage, but not in the reactionary sense, as is the case with many Paleoconservatives. We represent a school of Conservative thought beyond Neoconservativism, Paleoconservatism, and the blind market worship and extreme indvidualism of The Libertarians.

-Our Values are centered around Community, Family, Region, and Nation.

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  1. Thank you, Keith. My sense is that the time is now ripe for several political strands to converge into a common, unified fabric. I call it “The Gathering.” What a fascinating time to be alive! It will be a great challenge to hammer out the hybrid.

  2. Sorry, but Tomislav Sunic is as much New Right as, perhaps, David Duke… I’ve been hostile to this Anglo-Saxon NR trend since it’s very begining so, yes, I’m bias about it. It cold-blooded murdered National-Anarchism.

    What you people need first is someone to translate all the original Nouvelle Droit books and magazines into English, than you can all be “New Right” and reshape it as you wish into some WN trend.

  3. “My sense is that the time is now ripe for several political strands to converge into a common, unified fabric. ”

    I agree, it is not only necessary but inevitable. This trend is anticipated by the system as is evidenced by this story:


    apparently an FBI Agent provocateur embedded in the Austin area left-(not as red as most)-anarchist community was trying to recruit anarchists to fire bomb a local libertarian bookstore. Brave New World Books is small independent book store the sells books dealing with conspiracies, self-sufficiency and libertarian subjects, they also have a back room where they host lectures on these same topics (during the day, they let homeless people nap in the back room). They give away free literature and DVDs and are active in the community. The sore is right across the street from Texas State University and i’m sure it is a thorn in the side of the local gestapo, definitely not a likely target for an anarchist action. i suspect that there will be more incidences such as this to try to prevent a union of revolutionaries…

  4. Excellent! I am 100% for all these ideals/ideas…now for their pragmatic application in the near future, I will give that it will take time, energy and solid leadership. I am sorry but I mean solid leadership…too many Ultra-Left Anarcho-Commie, Green & Marxist types as well as Ultra-Right Libertarian, Anarcho-Capitalist, palecon and neofascist types are led either by personality cults or the democracy of nutjobs….what is needed is an aristocracy of talent, intelligence, character and willpower…


  5. I just don’t see what’s so impressive about this.

    If he and his NR followers secede, what will happen to those who don’t share his vision? (I admit I’m confused about the logistics of “secession”—personal, collective, territorial, whatever).

    Will there be a great driving out of dissenters from their homes? A territorial-cum-ideological based war?

    I buy what I want, what I enjoy, what I need, according to MY definition of these words, where and from whom I please, and usually aim for the best bargain I can. If that’s local, then so be it. If it’s global capitalist so be THAT. Would the advocates of this NR platform interfere with, or try to stop me from doing that?

    They seem to have their little laundry list of what’s right and good. Okay. But again, will they try to force, or threaten people who don’t share it?

    Again, maybe I’m not understanding something. As a libertarian I believe “to each his own”, and I can see “secession”, or forming various communities, with various laws and freedoms, but I’m wary of “implications” that acquiring the “territories” of these communities may be violent. There’s often a jingoist tone to them, that “hints” of belligerent takeovers.

    Maybe there needs to be more discussion of peaceful secession plans and actual experiments. It seems many free city, county and state projects have somehow faded into obscurity, or never quite succeed. If this is true, we need to examine the mechanisms that have impeded, and apparently killed them. There is a “communities” movement, mostly left-centered. Can secessionist/anarchist/liberterians learn from them?

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