New Statement of Purpose for AttacktheSystem.Com?

Here’s a new statement of purpose I am proposing for AttacktheSystem.Com:

AttacktheSystem.Com is maintained by American Revolutionary Vanguard, a dissident tendency within North American anarchism.  It is our contention that the mainstream of the anarchist movement has become unduly focused on left-wing cultural politics, countercultural lifestyle matters, and liberal pet causes. Consequently, the mainstream of contemporary anarchism has abandoned the central focus of the historic anarchist movement: overthrowing states, ruling classes, and empires. We aim to restore anarchism to the position it held during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centures, that of the premier revolutionary movement in the Western world.

We reject the Left/Right model of the political spectrum and work towards a synthesis of the currently scattered anarchist tendencies. These include anarcho-collectivism, syndicalism, mutualism, post-structuralism, Green anarchism, primitivism and neo-tribalism from the Left, and anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-monarchism, anarcho-feudalism, national-anarchism, tribal-anarchism, paleo-anarchism and Christian anarchism from the Right. Sympathetic persons from other ideological currents are welcome to participate in our efforts.

The most strategically feasible anarchist movement for contemporary North America would be an anarchist-led, pan-secessionist action emphasizing the principles of radical decentralization and appealing to the legacy of the American Revolution. Its primary class foundations would be the lumpenproletariat, petite bourgeosie, lower proletariat, sinking middle, neo-peasantry and declasse’ sectors, within the context of a broader populist framework.  A struggle rooted in these classes would necessitate a political re-alignment of the populist right, radical center, independent left, and others outside the center-left/center-right paradigm of the existing state and ruling class.

We reject the “culture wars” of mainstream American politics as a rivalry within the upper-middle class which is irrelevant to our revolutionary struggle. Anarchist participation in the “culture wars” is an unnecessary distraction from the struggle at hand. Irreconcilable cultural differences are best handled through individual autonomy, voluntary association, pluralism and peaceful co-existence where possible. Otherwise, secession, local sovereignty, community self-determination, and mutual self-separation should be the rule. Contemporary political science and social science research shows that Americans are currently in the process of self-separating into diverse communities oriented towards the specific interests of those of a particular culture, religion, political affiliation, language, occupation, economic values, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality or preferred way of life. This is how it should be. The natural results of people using their freedom of choice are a pluralistic anarchism, or “anarchism without adjectives.”

We identify as our primary enemies the American regime, the American ruling class and state-capitalist overlords, the international American empire and its accomplices. We therefore support self-determination for all peoples throughout the world, and the struggles of all enemies of imperialism. We stand in ruthless opposition to the domestic American police state, its prison-industrial complex, therapeutic state, legal caste, and the institutions responsible for the dissemination its propaganda, from the state-licensed media to the state-run educational system. We further oppose the ideology of Political Correctness embraced by totalitarian Left which has been appropriated by the forces of liberal-capitalism as the current manifestation of its ideological superstructure. Against this ruling class vision, we offered an alternative vision that is anti-authoritarian, non-Marxist, non-militarist and decentralist.

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  1. So whaddya think, folks? Good, bad, or indifferent?

    It seemed to me that the old statement was too broad, contained dated material, and often sounded more like a paleocon or constitutionalist site than an anarchist one. Nothing against paleos and constitutionalists, but I would prefer taking a more radical stance than pushes things beyond the usual “alternative Right” as well as “left-anarchist” crowds.

  2. It works. I began my political life as an old rightist/paleolibertarian and eventually began to develop a new creed, viewing globalism (manifesting itself in both corporate globalization and liberal internationalist institutions) as the chief enemy, with the illegitamate state-capitalist system being its prime motivator. I view totalitarian political correctness and multiculturalism as the ideology of the elites, and retain my Gottfriedite critique of the New Class managerial/therapeutic state (which exists to serve the interests of state-capital, as shown by Kevin Carson.) Additionally, I question the validity of boundless economic progress. I consider my (on the surface, syncretic) worldview to be the next logical step in the development of the “alternative right” that rose to semi-prominence with the ron paul campaign. How much of this is compatible with the worldview of the ARV?

  3. “We stand in ruthless opposition to the domestic American police state, its prison-industrial complex, therapeutic state, legal caste, and the institutions responsible for the dissemination its propaganda, from the state-licensed media to the state-run educational system.”

    Throw in something about racism and this could fit into any New Left manifesto of the 1960’s. And yet the same tendency today is bound to be dismissed by the children of the 1960’s as a kind of heartland reactionary ressentiment.

    Interesting times.

  4. I like this very much.

    It might not be a bad idea to come up with a short summary (preferably one sentence) of this to set to put at the top, setting the mood for the overall statement and providing a succinct, hard-hitting sound bite. A lot of people react to that.

  5. ATS.com explores the possibilities for a serious, focused, cross-ideological radical movement synthesizing the best of classical anarchism with the revolutionary American tradition.

    It’s not there, but maybe it’s a start?

  6. Personally, I always thought the new American radicalism should draw upon the populist-isolationist America First tradition of Bill Kauffman and Gore Vidal.

  7. I enjoyed reading your “New Statement” like a breath of fresh air personally.
    I have been rejected many times by Anarchists in Eugene, Corvallis & Portland.
    I grew up in LA County and it was not fun. I worked after school where the musician, ‘Beck’ grew up. McCarther Park area. I worked in that big business building. And it was not fun.
    I always got the Un-Welcome mat from the local Anarchists in Eugene, Corvallis & Portland because I was not real excited about going down to the border and protesting the ill treatment of the non-citizens of the US coming in and they did NOT like it.
    Prolly because of the horrific experiences I went thru growing up in LA County.
    I moved way far North, and now I’m moving again, further into the mountains, where I find peace.
    None of the Anarchists I met in Eugene, Corvallis and Portland could understand why I did not want to help the non-legal citizens of the US get into the US and get more HHS Services.
    Anyways, I was wondering Keith, do you ever consider ‘the U.N.’s Agenda 21’ when you are thinking or writing or studying about Imperialism, Globalism, particularly Global Governance, and the Sustainable Developments that will be the only living areas once Agenda 21 is fully Implemented by these Uber Rich Elites?
    I have done extensive work researching Agenda 21, and have lots of beginners links to understanding what the Government of the US has in store for the surviving populations, it’s not pretty.
    So, if you would ever care or want to check out my links, just let me know.
    I’m sure you prolly already know all about all this, so excuse me if I overstepped on my first post here.

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