Updated News Digest October 25, 2009

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Quotes of the Week:

A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery.”

Despise the enemy strategically, but take him seriously tactically.”

Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.”

 Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts.”

                                                                                        -Mao Tse-tung   

An unmistakable sign of Third World despotism is a police force that sees the public as the enemy. Thanks to the federal government, our local police forces are now militarized and imbued with hostile attitudes toward the public. SWAT teams have proliferated, and even small towns now have police forces with the firepower of U.S. Special Forces.

Summons are increasingly delivered by SWAT teams that tyrannize citizens with broken down doors, a $400 or $500 repair born by the tyrannized resident. Recently, a mayor and his family were the recipients of incompetence by the town’s local SWAT team, which mistakenly wrecked the mayor’s home, terrorized his family and killed the family’s two friendly Labrador dogs.

If a town’s mayor can be treated in this way, what do you think is the fate of the poor white or black? Or the idealistic student who protests his government’s inhumanity?

In any failed state, the greatest threat to the population comes from the government and the police. That is certainly the situation today in the U.S.A. Americans have no greater enemy than their own government. Washington is controlled by interest groups that enrich themselves at the expense of the American people.

The 1 percent that comprise the superrich are laughing as they say, “Let them eat cake.”

                                                                                     -Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S.A Is a Failed State by Paul Craig Roberts

You’re Not the Customer: Don’t Trust Cops, Never Talk to Cops by Kevin Carson

Police State U.S.A William Norman Grigg interviewed by Scott Horton

Anarchists Unite: How Does That Work? by Gendy Alimurung

The Presidential Dictatorship by Tom Engelhardt and David Swanson

The New Totalitarians by Rafael Koski (intro by Peter Brimelow)

The Hate Industry by Elizabeth Wright

What’s Up with the Front Porch Republic? by Dylan Hales

All the Populism Money Can Buy by Alexander Cockburn

The Neocons Sing the Same Old Song in the Emperor’s Ear by Philip Giraldi

Rethinking World War III by Justin Raimondo

Obama’s War Interview with Col. Andrew Bacevich

Throttling Back on Afghanistan by Jeff Huber

Is Adulation of the Military Really Patriotic? by Ivan Eland

Getting the Vietnam Analogy Right in Afghanistan by Leon Hadar

China Seeks Deterrence, Not Dominance by Doug Bandow

Israel Was a Mistake Gabriel Kolko interviewed by Scott Horton

Our Two Faced Iran Policy by Justin Raimondo

The State’s Plan for Your Great Grandson by Tom Hayden

What Motivates the Taliban? by Glenn Greenwald

The Dark Side of the “Special Relationship” by Justin Raimondo

The Economics of Empire Donald Losman interviewed by Scott Horton

General Treachery-What Is This? A Coup? by Jeff Huber

The Afghan Quagmire by Joshua Holland

White Noise by Alex Kurtagic

FUCK: The Most Popular Word in the English Language by Mandolyna Theodoracopulos

It’s High Time by Richard Spencer

The Feminist, Multicultural Edmund Burke by Richard Spencer

The Frankfurt School in Exile: Authoritarianism and the Family by Kevin MacDonald

Middle Americans Alienated and Radicalized by Pat Buchanan

National Day of Action Against Police Brutality from Infoshop.Org

Anarchist Resists Grand Jury from Infoshop.Org

The Dollar Will Not Crash by Mike Whitney

James Williamson Rejoins Iggy and the Stooges 

The Christians’ Golden Calf by Laurence Vance

The Pleasures of Tobacco by Patrick Semmens

Stiletto Stoners by Yael Kohen

Horst Mahler: The Synthesis of the Left and Right by George Michael

The Mainstream American Left is Ignorant and Naive by Ray Mangum

Illegal Resistance Activity in Pre-Revolutionary Conditions by Kevin Walsh

Thoughts of an Anarcho-Negro by Rayfield A. Waller

Causes of the Amiseration of the Euro-American Proletariat by Kevin Walsh

Stalinist Russia Had a High Crime Rate by David R. Shearer

Barack Obama: The Last American President by Mike Gogulksi

The Republican’s Balloon Boy by Jack Hunter

Cool Cops and Vets Vow to Resist Dictatorship by Alan Maimon

Obama’s Actual Health Care Reform by Devlin Barrett

PIGS Murder 19-yr-old in California

You Might Be a Constitutionalist If… by Chuck Baldwin

Feminism’s a Bitch by Gavin McInnes

The Rotten Fruits of War by Dan Pearson and Kathy Kelly

Three Myths Driving the Afghan War by Johann Hari

Busting the Darfur Myth by Tom Mountain

Losing the War by Brian Downing

Russia’s Daring Vote      by Israel Shamir

Now Pakistan: Sequential Destruction of Muslim Nations by Liaquat Ali Khan

Syria’s Golan Heights by Franklin Lamb

Uncle Sam in Afghanistan by Norman Solomon

Can the Democrats Avoid a Populist Health Care Rebellion? by Kevin Zeese

Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke by Dave Lindorff

A Young Champion of Liberty by Doug French

The Economics of Secession by Dave Mundy

Currency Controls Are Coming by Doug Casey

Confessions of a Home-Schooler by Andrew O’Hehir

They Can’t Push Us Around Forever by State Rep. Susan Lynn (TN)

“Rule of Law”-Fed Style  by Bill Anderson

The Shadow of Dictatorship Is on the Land by Ron Shirtz

A Rumsfeld-Era Reminder of What Causes Terrorism by Glenn Greenwald

The Real Reason for More Troops in Afghanistan by Michael Gaddy

Five Myths About Iran’s Nuclear Program by Joseph Cirincione

Educating Children in Conflict Zones by Catherine Rottenberg and Neve Gordon

A More Hands-Off Approach in Somalia by David Axe

Seeking Monsters to Kill Abroad by Faith Whittlesey

 Right-Wing Europe by Bede

Love Thy Neighbor…Or At Least Get to Know Them by Patroon

Unlearning the CIA by Christopher Ketcham

Palestine in Pieces by Jeff Gore

Why Did Iran Build the Enrichment Facility? by Gareth Porter

Announcing the Committee for Constitutional Health Care Reform by Dan Phillips

Defend Free Speech for Nick Grifffin by Bede

Towards a Constructive Anarchism from Infoshop.Org

Four Theses on the Invisible University from Infoshop.Org

Over 20,000 Mink Freed from Fur Farms in France/Spain from Infoshop.Org

The Deadly Medical-Industrial Complex by Dr. Doug Henderson and Gary Null

A Naked Swindle Perpetrated by the Ruling Class by Matt Taibbi

The Telecom Industry Aids and Abets the Police State 

“Education”: The Lizard State Wants Your Children by Doug Casey

Bartering With Ammo? by Terrence Gillespie

Media Stooges for the Fascist Legal Racket by Bill Anderson

Is “Being Offended” the New National Sport? by Karen De Coster

Anarchists on PBS from David Kramer

FOX Hunt by Jack Hunter

Nixon and Obama: Soul Brothers? by Pat Buchanan

March Against Police Violence in Santa Rosa from Infoshop.Org

Gerald Celente: The Worst Is Yet to Come by Naresh Vissa

Are You in Big Brother’s Database? by James Bamford

Nixon Killed America by Lew Rockwell

U.S. “Justice” Sucks by Lew Rockwell

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing by David Kramer

The World Will Be Fine Without American Bombs by Jeff Huber

“The Italians were called wops, the Jews were called hymies, I was of course a greaseball, and every Hispanic was a spic. Well, we all got along famously! It was rough, but it was fine.”

                                                                        -Taki Theodoracopulos

“The “clash of civilizations” is, in a very literal sense, a clash of God and Mammon. The Islamic revolutionaries are driven by a fanatical devotion to their god and the promises they believe he has made to them if only they take up arms on his behalf. The nations of the West are driven by an almost as fanatical devotion to Mammon, that is, to wealth, luxury, power, pleasure and privilege. Further, the culture of the West combines this unabashedly materialist ethos with rejection of strength and discipline in favor of a maternalistic emphasis on health, safety, “sensitivity”, “self-esteem”, “potential”, “personal growth”, “getting in touch with one’s inner child”, “feelings” and other concepts common to pop culture psychobabble. Of course, the socio-cultural ramifications of this is to create a society of weaklings, mediocrities and crybabies.”

                                                                                                   -Keith Preston

(hat tip to Chris Donnellan for the following links)

Worker Cooperatives 

The Holy War Against Fat-ism 

Jim Goad 

Psychopaths Are Distracted, Not Cold-Blooded 

Is Political Correctness to Blame for Lack of Coverage of Horrific Black-on-White Killings? 

National Resistance to the Obama Regime 

American Jews Rethink Israel 

White Trash from a Marxist Perspective

Defend Illegal Alien Halloween Costumes! 

Afghanistan’s Golden Age 

Latin America Plans U.S. Dollar Replacement

The Tragedy of the Palestinian Diaspora 

Why Are Stocks Surging As Jobs Disappear?

Socialism Vs Austrian Economics

Inland Empire National-Anarchists 

Where Will the Jobs Come From? 

Insurance Company Calls Rape a “Pre-Existing Condition”  

The White City of Portland 

Petition to Bring Tony Blair to Trial for War Crimes 

Distributivism in Today’s World and Economy

Nixon Tapes on Archie Bunker and Homosexuality 

Nixon on Jew Spies vs Negro Spies 

Nixon Drunk on Watergate 

Nixon and Pat Buchanan on Ivy League War Protests 

Nixon and Gerald Ford Discuss Republican Doves

Nixon Says “Get the Son of a Bitch” Daniel Ellsberg 

J. Edgar Hoover Calls Katherine Graham an “Old Bitch” 

Nixon and Kissinger on Idi Amin

Labour Wanted Mass Immigration to Make the U.K. More Multicultural, Says Former Adviser 

A Nation of Sheep, Ruled by Wolves, Owned by Pigs

The Revolution Within Anarchism 

Forty Years in the Wilderness? 

Liberty and Populism: Building An Effective Resistance Movement for North America

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

The Death of Politics  by Karl Hess

The Traffic in Women by Emma Goldman

Crime and Punishment by Errico Malatesta

Feminism As Fascism by Bob Black

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  1. I have always been fascinated by the bizarrely diverse menagerie of links to articles that get posted on this website-everything from paleoconservaatives and paleolibertarians to left-anarchists. It really demonstrates the odd mix of influences that characterizes Keith’s worldview. Ironically, the vast majority of left-anarchists would look upon half these articles and their authors with abject horror.

  2. “Ironically, the vast majority of left-anarchists would look upon half these articles and their authors with abject horror.”

    Believe me, they do. LOL. It’s not really as bizarre as it seems on the surface. I’m an isolationist/neutralist/non-interventionist on foreign policy, and a radical decentralist politically. Hence, the links to so much paleocon and paleolib stuff. I’m also into classical anarchist economics and criticisms of the state. Hence, the left-anarchist stuff. I consider my criticisms of political correctness to be a continuation of the Bakuninist critique of Marxism (and to some degree the classical anarchist attack on theocracy-as PC is the religion of the elites).

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