Interview with Andrew Yeoman on Voice of Reason Radio

On Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at 9 PM Eastern US time, Dr. Tomislav Sunic will interview founder and spokesman of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA), Andrew Yeoman. It will air on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network http://reasonradionetwork.com/ (use the minicaster at the upper right of the main page or use your favorite media player to listen in).

The discussion will involve the nature and background of National Anarchism and the activities of BANA. Topics discussed include:

· How Americans respond to the name “anarchist”

· The history if nationalism in leftist movements and the difference between National Anarchism and National Bolshevism
· The local nature of BANA, the importance of grassroots social movements, and how they work

· The growth of the movement and various National Anarchist groups around the US

· Thinking and acting “tribally” and what tribe means to the organization

· Explanation of National Autonomous Zones (NAZ); extension of the
Temporary Autonomous Zones of Hakim Bey

· BANA non-relationship with local authorities/government

· Terms of acceptance into the Bay Area National Anarchist organization

· Extensive community and charity work done by Bay Area National

· Critics and supporters of BANA and other National Anarchist organizations

· How tribalism ties into race

To learn more about National Anarchism, how to start your own local branch, and to lend support to the Bay Area National Anarchists, go to
bayareanationalanarchists.com, tribalanarchists.com, and join the Tradition and Revolution Forum.


Let’s do this.

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