Anarchists Attack Offices of the Communist Party Reply

Comrades from the anarchist, autonomous, anti-authoritarian movement attacked on the evening of Thursday 20/10, the offices of the Communist Party of Greece and the PASOK offices in Halandri with paint and spray painting slogans.

This attack is a small answer to what we lived through on todays strike.


Arson attack on the offices of the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) in Thessaloniki 21/10/11

Arson attacks took place at the offices of KKE in Charilaou area, Toumba and Triandria at around 4am.

KKE people, this is not 1998, nothing remains unanswered.

Slaps and kicks to cops of KKE

…for those who do not know, in 1998, in the demo of the Polytechnic university in Athens, a demo in which the movement had decided through collective procedures to not march, nevertheless some youths went down in a block shouting anarchist chants. They were soon surrounded by the ‘KNAT’(play on words, riot cops are called MAT and the Communist youth are KNE) and since they were unarmed and not prepared they did not resist the organized attack. KNAT and MAT in an excellent cooperation surrounded and beat the people together, arresting simultaneously around 100 individuals.

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