An Interview with William S. Lind

There are some great nuggets in this. As one might expect, Lind provides a virtual orgy of political incorrectness. Listen to the interview at Traditional Right.

As an anarchist, I am sometimes asked how it is I have an interest in the ideas of “right-wing reactionaries” such as Lind, an unreconstructed Hapsburg monarchist. The answer to that is simple. The authoritarian Left is and always has been one of the primary enemies of anarchism, and many of the best critics of the Left are often found on the far Right (because they tend to spend more time thinking about the question). For example, during the Cold War you could probably learn more about what Communism (red fascism) was really like by reading Readers’ Digest than you could by reading most leftist publications. Nowadays, you can learn more about what political correctness is really about by paying attention to its paleoconservative and New Right critics than you can from any liberal or left outlets.

What’s most funny about the anarchists who identify with tendencies like the antifa is the fact that they claim all this solidarity with communists against fascism, without recognizing that historically there’s been just as strong a rivalry between communists and anarchists as between fascists and anarchists (or any other kinds of right-wingers and anarchists). The Marxists expelled the anarchists from the First International, the Bolsheviks suppressed the anarchists in revolutionary Russia, the Communists backstabbed the anarchists during the Spanish Civil War. It’s always been this way. I know of no exceptions. I recognized this very early in my “career” as an anarchist, and early on developed the view that anarchists needed to carve out a political identify for themselves that was independent of the conventional Left (social democracy and Leninism). To the degree that anarchists identify with other ideologies or political currents, it should be about recognizing libertarian, decentralist, anti-statist or anti-authoritarian tendencies wherever they appear whether left, right, religious, indigenous, etc. Obviously, anarchists need to be against fascism but no more so than anarchists need to be against communism.


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