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Israel’s Ludicrous Propaganda Wins Over The Only Audience That Counts

November 17, 2023
“Joe Biden is clearly willing to back whatever Israel does, including indiscriminate bombing and other war crimes. The American media is also complicit,” writes Jeet Heer.

As of late, the tunnels and supposed Hamas command center have been the focus of coverage surrounding the Israel-Gaza war. But what Israel found at the large Al Shifa hospital in Gaza was underwhelming, leading the IDF to claim that “Hamas knew we were coming” and moved the headquarters. Al Shifa, Heer argues, is just one disastrous example of Israel’s deliberate distortion of the truth, and the West’s willingness to buy it outright.

Israel’s Ludicrous Propaganda Wins Over The Only Audience That Counts
Why make an effort to be credible if you’re going to be uncritically echoed by White House and the Western press?
Jeet Heer
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Jeet Heer
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