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Abortion Wins Again. Now What?

Earlier this year, New York‘s Rebecca Traister made a prediction, splashed on our cover, that would prove prescient: Abortion wins elections. Many victorious elections later, even the most hidebound Democrats and media organizations now recognize that abortion does in fact motivate voters like no other issue; that it polls well across demographics; and that it might just save Joe Biden’s neck come next year. But what, exactly, are Democrats offering voters beyond rhetorical support for reproductive rights? As Rebecca argues in this follow-up column, the successful abortion campaigns of the last year have made specific, actionable promises that were then followed up on — and it’s time for national Democrats to start thinking of how they can do the same.

—Ryu Spaeth, features editor, New York

Abortion Wins Again. Now What? Democrats can’t coast on the issue’s popularity.

Photo: Sue Ogrocki/AP

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