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California is Governed by Worthless Human Garbage, and They’ve Failed Completely at Every Single Thing They’re Supposed to Do

thirty minutes of rock-solid evidence

This is as revealing a moment as any I’ve ever seen, and it’s so shameful and disgusting I can barely express it.

We had a massive fire in Los Angeles this week, and in half an hour of footage you can see the entire decline and fall of a place that has ruinous, dirty, empty, sociopathic, symbol-focused governance. I’ll get into details, with screenshots, but if you have the patience, please take the time and just watch. Whoever shot this footage is as good at their job as it’s possible to be, and I’ve asked OnScene TV to post names:

Now, the fire was under a freeway in downtown Los Angeles, in a storage yard full of wooden pallets and old cars, and let’s start with the reality that the owner of the freeway — the State of California — allowed someone to do this:

Who could ever have imagined that massive, dense stacks of wooden pallets, dried-out wood with plenty of spacing for air, would ever have been such a fertile ground for fire? Right under the concrete and rebar structure of a freeway is a perfect place for that.

But then watch the firefighters as they work, and see what’s happening all around them.

Fire in the back, fire hoses on the ground, stream from a fire hose on the right side of the shot. And between the firefighters and the fire? The cardboard and plywood homes from a massive homeless encampment. So the piles of tightly packed wooden pallets are stacked up next to an encampment where people use fire for cooking and warmth and for drugs. What a mystery how this went bad, right? Another image:

And then, not even three minutes into the video, you get this shot of people clearing out:

That’s the residents of a homeless encampment trying to save their belongings, up against a fire that’s growing explosively, but don’t worry, because no one is there to hurry them along. Note the structure on the right, a four-walled favela home with shit piled on the roof. Note the object in the bottom right corner of the shot, next to the giant fire. This extremely alert cameraman is telling you a detailed story with a single perfectly composed image. And it’s about to happen again, because look how much we can learn from a few seconds of video:

This is a group of people who live in a tent, lifting the piece of cut fence that they live behind. Their tent is inside the fence; they lift the fence to access their tent door. Next to what? Here’s a wider shot from a few seconds later:

Their tent is inside the pallet yard, inside the giant bundle of firewood under the freeway. And no one has ever stopped from them making that choice. Are you starting to get the picture? The homeless encampment was inside this:

Look how well this city is cared for. Look at the stewardship:

You’ll see several women in this footage, clearing out of their tents and cardboard houses from a homeless encampment, and for some reason they’re all wearing yoga pants or tight shorts with revealing tops. You’re getting a hint how women in homeless encampments survive and pay for drugs, which is very progressive. California is quite a bit more kind and decent than flyover states, obviously.

By the way, the freeway remained open, for a while, so people drove over the fire.

Aren’t you sad you don’t live here?

I’m not even ten minutes into a 35-minute video. Here’s the link again: please watch the brilliant work this cameraman did, in trying circumstances. This isn’t a movie about a brutal apocalyptic dystopia — it’s just news footage of Los Angeles from this week.

Meanwhile, here’s how our state and local governments spend their time:

We have a lifeguard station painted with LGBT rainbow colors, so. And we made a major policy change on flags this year:

Here’s 4/5ths of the the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors with their major new symbol on the flagpole, joined by an administrator and a special friend:

And our governor, who is laser-focused on the important issues, is tweeting hard at the governor of a state 3,000 miles away for being so mean that no one is even allowed to SAY the word “gay”:

There is no limit to the ruin in this. They destroy everything. They run nothing well. They do nothing well. They stand on a stinking, burning, death-smelling pile of shit, posturing like heroes, gesturing endlessly at nonsense. We are governed by the absolute scum of the earth, and the costs are incalculable.

But we’ll fly the pride flag over the ruins, so let’s consider it a victory.

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