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The Nashville Manifesto: A Troubling Case of Selective Transparency, and more

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The Nashville Manifesto: A Troubling Case of Selective Transparency

Share Thanks to Steven Crowder of all people, it’s time we discuss the troubling events that followed the heinous school shooting in Nashville. In a society that prides itself on the principles of openness and justice, the handling of the shooter’s…

Nov 08, 2023Substack

Dan Webster is the Most Likely GOP Congressman to Lose in 2024

Incumbent Congressman Dan Webster is simply not going to cut it. He’s a political dinosaur through and through. Webster has been a career politician from the very beginning. The sitting Congressman got his political start when he was first elected to…

Nov 07, 2023Big League Politics

Nashville Mass Shooter’s Manifesto is Leaked, Showcasing Unhinged, Anti-White Views

posted pages from the alleged manifesto of the Nashville Covenant School on X, formerly known as Twitter. Per the leaked pages of the manifesto, the murderer of six people, Audrey Hale, aimed to kill “cr*ckers” with “white privileges.” The memo…

Nov 07, 2023Big League Politics

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