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The Growing Threat Of Christian Nationalism

It’s been called “the greatest threat to religious freedom” in the country’s history. We have elected officials openly calling themselves christian nationalists. So…what exactly is it? Check out AJ’s work here:… How Christian Nationalism Poisons Christianity – Second Thought SUBSCRIBE HERE: New video every other Friday! Citations and Further Reading: -Taking Back America for God by Andrew L. Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry -“America is a Christian Nation” sermon by Pastor Robert Jeffress    • America is a Christian Nation | Faith…   -“45% of Americans Say US Should be a Christian Nation” – Pew Research Center… -”Christian Nationalism is the Single Biggest Threat to America’s Religious Freedom”… -”Christian Nationalism: Heresy or Hype?” by The Gospel Coalition… -Timothy Keller on Christian Nationalism… -Russell Moore on Christian Nationalism… -”What Really Happens When Americans Stop Going to Church” by Daniel K. Williams (The Atlantic)… -”Christian Nationalism, Christian Globalism, and White Americans” by David A. Hollinger… -The Doctrine of Discovery… -”Here’s where Christian Nationalism comes from, and what it gets wrong” by Ryan Sanders…\ Follow and Support Second Thought! Twitter:   / _secondthought   Patreon:   / secondthought   BuyMeACoffee:… CashApp: $JTChapman Watch More Second Thought: Latest Uploads:    • Playlist   Spaaaaaace!:    • Playlist   What If…:    • Playlist   Popular Videos:    • Popular Videos | Second Thought   About Second Thought: Second Thought is a channel devoted to education and analysis of current events from a Leftist perspective. Welcome! Business Email:

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