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Michael Gove and the Negation of God Erected into a System of Government



Michael Gove and the Negation of God Erected into a System of Government

I doubt if anything can save the Government from a catastrophic defeat at the next election. I am told I should fear the next Labour Government. But, if this will not be wonderful, I find the Conservative implosion mildly funny. The Government and Parliamentary Party – not to mention its largely hidden cast of fixers and consultant-parasites – are filled with people who spent the three decades before 2010 proclaiming themselves true believers in at least conservatism, and sometimes libertarianism. After 2010, they purged me and my friends on the grounds that we were not true believers. Thirteen years later, the judgement of history is set in stone: unprecedented taxes and state spending and debt; inflation; public services that are collapsing even as they are over-funded; an aggressive war with Russia that will soon be lost; a new war in the Middle East, with blanket support for one side in actions that no reasonable man can see as remotely proportionate or in accord with the normal customs of war; universal corruption; a nastier police state than Gordon Brown left behind. My old “friends” still make the occasional noise about the defection of John Bercow. Unlike them, however, he had the decency to announce he was not a conservative before jumping into bed with the authoritarian globalists.

But I digress. The Conservatives are doomed. The reason they are doomed is because they are not conservatives. This does not prevent them from continuing to proclaim that they are. On Tuesday the 31st October 2023, Michael Gove made a speech to the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship. This was a good speech for an outsider to make. It is the sort of speech I used to make when I was still welcome at these events, and when I still thought anything I said might make a difference. His key point was:


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