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Naomi Klein’s Quest to Understand Her Double

Nation Weekly
October 6, 2023
In Naomi Klein’s new book Doppelganger, what started as a “niche problem” becomes something more representative of a cultural catastrophe.

“No other book I know of has been this intellectually adventurous, this loopily personal, or this entertaining,” Laura Kipnis writes of the new book for our latest fall books issue. In Doppelganger, Klein unravels her frequent confusion—online and elsewhere—with the writer Naomi Wolf, liberal feminist-gone-full-blown conspiracy theorist in the time of Covid. But the book is much more than a personal examination, Kipnis explains: It’s a “compelling and far-reaching political detective story.”

Naomi Klein’s Quest to Understand Her Double
In her new book, a case of mistaken identity reveals how life online and off has become more and more polarized.
Laura Kipnis
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