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Who Is Ashton Kutcher’s Anti-Trafficking Organization Helping?

That Ashton Kutcher, in the wake of his much-criticized character statement supporting convicted rapist Danny Masterson ahead of his sentencing, resigned from his anti-sex-trafficking organization, Thorn, last month shouldn’t have been surprising. But what the Cut’s features writer Angelina Chapin found in the fallout of Kutcher’s PR disaster was just that and then some. As Angelina learned, Spotlight, Thorn’s flagship Amazon-backed AI-surveillance technology, has anti-sex-trafficking advocates, trafficking survivors, and sex workers concerned it “may harm the very people it claims to protect.” “There’s really no sunlight on exactly how Spotlight operates, how its algorithms operate, and how people end up in their database,” as one legal expert put it. “‘Just trust Ashton Kutcher’ is terrible public policy.”

—Jen Ortiz, deputy editor, the Cut

Who Exactly Is Ashton Kutcher’s Anti-Sex-Trafficking Tech Company Helping? The actor’s recent PR crisis has led to scrutiny around his advocacy work.

Photo: Paul Morigi/WireImage

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