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John Bolton on why he now wants to stop Trump at all costs

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton opens up about his tumultuous term during Donald Trump’s tenure as President, leading to a high profile falling out and a tell-all book. From Trump’s jibe that Bolton was hated by everyone in the White House to accusations of him being a pro-war hawk who has admitted to being involved in American-backed coups, Imran Garda gains intriguing insight into a man who makes no apologies for his version of American exceptionalism.

00:00 Intro 01:48 The plot to assassinate Bolton 02:57 Is Bolton running for President? 05:37 Trump’s handling of classified documents 07:11 Why Bolton chose not to help in Trump’s impeachment? 09:56 Stopping Trump becoming President again 11:13 January 6th – insurrection or not? 13:53 Is it America’s job to overthrow governments? 16:58 Justifying the Iraq War 17:36 Bolton vs. Trump 20:16 ‘Biden is getting old’ 20:58 Attacks on Bolton 22:49 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 24:25 The threat of nuclear war

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