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Naomi Klein on Conspiracy Culture

Episode 142 with Naomi Klein

Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to the show, Naomi Klein! The celebrated writer and activist is our latest guest on KK&F, here for a wide-ranging convo on conspiracy culture as she’s researched and written on it for her latest book. Watch our exclusive interview below:

Doppelganger, Naomi’s new book, finds her delving into the shadowy world of conspiracy that haunts contemporary American politics in ways we don’t always expect or recognize. On this show, we’ve dug into various prevalent conspiracies that have wielded serious influence on our society over the past few years, from Trump’s election manipulation and riling of his base over allegations of Democrats’ election fraud to COVID-era conspiracies over the origins of the virus and the effects and political motivations of the vaccine. Heading into an election cycle, it’s hard not to acknowledge the massive impact these conspiracies have on electoral outcomes — and the lack of confidence they point toward in mainstream media and communication from our government. Because as we’ve discussed with past guests, there are few challenges more urgent and more difficult than getting those who’ve been radicalized by conspiracy culture to detach from it, and the lack of trustworthiness in our political establishment doesn’t exactly make things easier.

We’re here with Naomi, then, to talk about this phenomenon as it helps to define the time we’re living in — but also as something we can (and should) fight back against. She takes us through her brilliant latest book, in the process revealing indispensable insight into our current political moment. We think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

You can listen to this episode as a podcast when it’s released on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and more tomorrow evening. Thanks for tuning in.

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