9/19/23 Andrew Yang On 2024: Trump ‘MILD FAVORITE’ To Win

Krystal and Saagar discuss the missing F-35 found in a debris crash in the Carolinas, Zelensky caught in a 60 minutes interview lying about drone strikes on Russia, will Republicans shut down the government over Ukraine Aid?, Trump ditches the GOP debates to give a Union worker speech, CNBC freaks at CEO pay debate, Americans turning on Biden over Home Prices, Bill Maher caves to the backlash and delays the return of Real Time, an MSNBC host gives a laughable defense of Kamala Harris, Krystal looks into an Obama Democrats working to block a billionaire tax regulation at the Supreme Court, and Saagar looks into the Senate ditching dress code for members and what it means for our country.

Timestamps: (00:00)Intro (2:51)F-35 Crash Debris Found (7:21)Zelensky Lies On 60 Minutes (18:10)Will Republicans shut down Gov over Ukraine Aid? (25:18)Trump Ditches Debates for Union Speech (42:54)CNBC debate CEO pay (50:36)Americans turn on Biden over Home Prices (57:24)Bill Maher Delays Show (1:03:08)Krystal on Obama Dem Blocking Bill Tax (1:09:36)Saagar on Senate Dress Code Removal (1:24:03)EoS

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