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Why Nobody Cares About the Aliens

Aliens are real, but we live in hyper-reality

Sep 14, 2023


The Mexican Government showed us pictures of 1000-year-old aliens and nobody cared. Nobody ran through the streets in a panic, nobody rioted, and nobody prepared for war… because nobody cared.

Nobody cared about the aliens because we’ve seen them before. We’ve already seen the inside of their spaceships and shot them with sniper rifles in video games. We cycled through the sky with one in the basket of our BMX, and then we escaped the authorities to help the little fellow get home. We’ve watched them nuke the Empire State Building and in return, we hacked the computers of their mothership. We saw them place electrodes in our heads, we were entertained by seeing them skinned alive by Feds in hazmat suits.

That was all decades ago. Decades before that, Orson Welles terrified radio listeners by depicting them invading the earth. It’s all an old hackneyed plot that we’ve seen too many times, and now nobody cares about the aliens.

Another reason nobody cares about the aliens is that nobody believes there are aliens. We’ve seen that story too. We’ve seen series about the Government faking aliens, and we’ve seen series about the Government hiding aliens. We were bored with black-goo plots and human/alien hybrids before the millennium, and we watched every conceivable story arc and documentary featuring pyramids and downed UFOs locked in Arctic ice fields.

We are more familiar with those curiously expressionless and somewhat child-like visages than we are with the features of the goblin shark or platypus. The aliens are not actually alien, because they’ve been an embedded part of our cultural psyche for at least a century and nobody now cares that they pop up on our screen interfaces once again like Charles Manson, Optimus Prime, or Kylie Minogue.


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