The Queer Holler Duck Collective (Appalachia)

by Nicky Reid

“We are a motley brood of backwoods Queer folk attempting to carve out a safe space for Queer and neuro-divergent people in the heart of Appalachian Country in order to build rural skills, re-wild and escape the noise of the city. Our goal is to take the single acre we inherited from our straight ancestors and convert it into a fully functioning, off-the-grid, Queer agrarian homestead.

But first we must build a functioning duck farm. We have the ducks, we just need a little help with the infrastructure.

Budget for Duck Farm Project

  • $139.99 for 150 feet of chicken wire for the ducks

  • $20.00 for a mealworm tank

  • $27.00 for 2100 mealworms (breeding stock)

  • $12.99 scratch grain bags every two weeks

  • $21.99 pellet bag every two weeks

  • $20.00 for fresh produce per month

  • $24.46 for 8 pounds of hemp bedding

Benefits to our community

  • There is a severe lack of safe spaces for Queer people to exist outside of overpriced cities and college towns. We are the throwaway kids the Pride Parade left behind but we feel we have every right to live as free and rural as our straight neighbors.

  • We need to build our own resources so we can stand tall and join the rural economy of trade and barter. We also need a place to breath fresh air and commune with nature without being harassed. The benefit is Freedom

Core Group Members:

  • Nicolette Alice Reid

  • Archie and Emerald Summers

  • James ‘Bruce’ Wray

  • Phil ‘Kiddo” Mechling

  • Justin ‘Revo’ Pomeroy

  • Lily ‘Butterfly’ Herman

There are roughly a dozen others who come and go and help out when they can.

We are survivalists in every conceivable sense of the word. Hopefully you can help us get our foot in the door.”

Peace, Love & Empathy

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