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The Fourth Turning: How Will It End? | Neil Howe

Follow On The Margin On Spotify: Follow On The Margin On Apple Podcasts: Follow Blockworks Macro On YouTube: — On todays episode Neil Howe, Author of “The Fourth Turning” & his latest book “The Fourth Turning Is Here” joins the show for a wide ranging discussion on the current generational cycle America finds itself in amidst the crisis phase of the fourth turning. We dive deep into understanding the origins of a fourth turning, the economic & societal cycles throughout history rebuilding institutions. To hear all this & more, you’ll have to tune in! —

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Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:27 Origins Of The Fourth Turning 12:38 Research Ad 13:28 The Economic & Societal Cycles Throughout History 21:38 Rebuilding Institution’s During A Fourth Turning 33:28 Permissionless II Ad 34:40 Internal vs External Conflict During A Fourth Turning —

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