You Are Not Responsible for Your Own Online Privacy

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Nervous About ChatGPT? Try ChatGPT With a Hammer

Bruce Schneier and Nathan Sanders

Once generative AI can use real-world tools, it will become exponentially more capable. Companies and regulators need to get ahead of these rapidly evolving algorithms.


You Are Not Responsible for Your Own Online Privacy

Alice Marwick

In the age of generative AI, it’s impossible to know where your information is going—or what it’s going to be used for.


This Tool Lets Hackers Dox Almost Anyone in the US

Dhruv Mehrotra

The US Secret Service’s relationship with the Oath Keepers gets revealed, Tornado Cash cofounders get indicted, and a UK court says a teen is behind a Lapsus$ hacking spree.


The Battle Against the Fungal Apocalypse Is Just Beginning

Maryn McKenna

Fungal infections are rising worldwide and climate change may be to blame. Medicine isn’t ready.


The Low-Stakes Race to Crack an Encrypted German U-Boat Message

Cathy Alter

A ramshackle team of American scientists scrambled to decode the Nazi cipher before the time ran out. Luckily, they had a secret weapon.


The 46 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now

Matt Kamen and WIRED Staff

From “Heartstopper” to “Ragnarok” these are our picks for the best streaming titles to binge this week.





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