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The Evisceration of a Public University

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August 18, 2023
Last week, West Virginia University announced a plan to raze some of its core academic programs: 32 majors, all of its foreign language programs, and 16 percent of its full-time faculty members.

In a devastating story about the state of academia—which major news outlets have failed to adequately address—Lisa Corrigan, professor of communication and director of gender studies at the University of Arkansas, explains how the state of affairs at WVU is indicative of a larger trend toward trimming federal funding for higher education, metastasizing privatization programs, and censoring liberal education, particularly in the South.

The Evisceration of a Public University
West Virginia University is being gutted, and it’s a preview for what’s in store for higher education.
Lisa M. Corrigan
Exclusive: James O’Keefe Is Now Under Investigation for Looting Project Veritas
Prosecutors in Westchester County, N.Y., are pursuing charges against the right’s premiere “gotcha video” scammer, for scamming his own donors.
Liz Farkas, Matthew Phelan
The First Great Novel About Virtual Reality?
Colin Winnette’s disorienting Users examines the limits of morality and imagination as they exist online and in video games.
Lily Meyer
Ohio Voters Protected Their Last Shot at Representative Democracy
The defeat of Issue 1 is an unequivocal sign that Ohioans understood the connection between democracy and abortion—and that enthusiasm for abortion rights has not waned in the wake of Dobbs.
Amy Littlefield, The Nation
“The Blind Side” Was Always Trash
The book and movie about former NFL lineman Michael Oher lean into the white-savior trope. They were terrible long before the allegations that they were based on lies.
Dave Zirin
The Jewishness of “Oppenheimer”
Jewish Currents writers and editors Mari Cohen, David Klion, and Raphael Magarik on a surprising movie about the American left.
Jeet Heer
Right-Wing Attacks on Small-Town Libraries—Plus, “The Snow Leopard”
On this episode of Start Making Sense, Sasha Abramsky on the culture war, and Pico Iyer on Peter Matthieson’s spiritual journey through the Himalayas.
Jon Wiener

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