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This should never be a “crime”


Dear friend,

Free speech is in trouble in the U.S., but also to a grave degree in Europe, where a Finnish parliamentarian and grandmother will stand trial again after being unanimously acquitted in 2022.

In Finland, the government’s General Prosecutor wants to criminalize the simple expression of questioning those in authority and sharing Biblical verses.

Of this “crime”, Päivi Räsänen is considered guilty. And that’s why Alliance Defending Freedom International is supporting her legal defense against the state’s censorship campaign.

And with just two weeks until her trial, ADF International needs your help to provide Päivi with a strong legal defense. Can we count on you?

The prosecution appealed the unanimous acquittal Päivi received in 2022. Having dragged on for four years, her case makes clear that the process is the punishment and a way to intimidate Päivi and all of us into silence.

The message is clear: neither Christians nor anyone else who supports traditional values and marriage should speak up.

ADF International is the largest Christian legal organization in the world defending freedom of speech and religious freedom. Those supported by ADF International never have to pay a penny for legal support – including Päivi over these past four years.

If Päivi is acquitted again, it will echo affirmation for the fundamental right to free speech across Europe and North America. Free speech is still the law of the land, so let’s stand by it together.

ADF in the US just won 303 Creative v. Elenis at SCOTUS. Now it’s ADF International’s turn to send a resounding message of truth and freedom around the world.
Thank you,

The Daily Signal Team

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