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When the barbarians are at the gates, what is to be done?

Jul 28, 2023

I must admit that until I started a podcast and began to write, there was a part of me that felt lost in this world. I always felt as if I had a purpose that went beyond what I was doing at my day job and even in my personal life. Even after I had achieved success with the podcast and some of what I was writing, there was still a feeling that I was “mailing it in.” I very well could have stayed on the path I was on and continued to grow in the niche notoriety I (had or have), but that itch—for lack of a better term—was there and needed to be scratched. That’s what took me off the path I was on and placed me where I am now. I am convinced that had I not followed this new path I would not have met my beautiful wife, be living in the peaceful area I now do, or have a sense of calm I haven’t experienced before. I know that when it comes to hardship, we are never out of the woods in this life, but we must take the time to stop and cherish these moments.

My purpose in telling you this isn’t to brag. Any of you who have followed me for some time know that’s not in my character. No one is harder on me than I am. I share this information as I want you to understand that change can be made if you are not happy. It is possible. This in no way means that forging a new path isn’t painful. Setting off on a new course in life when you’ve been established in a vocation or physical area for some time is always nerve-racking and difficult. But if you have that itch, it can be done. If you read these Substacks and listen to my show, we probably share core values that should be the most important thing in human cooperation. I want what’s best for YOU, and that means I want you to be happy and thriving. I want your families to be healthy, and I want them to be as untouched by the hell around us as they can possibly be. Our values should be what we choose to live by and be subjected to. The fact that an alien ideology is being pushed upon us and our loved ones should be enough to make us realize we need the help and support of those who share our ideology and goals. And that should start locally.

Those who cherish the true, the good, and the beautiful face an enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy everything we hold dear, and that should bring you together with like-minded people. The enemy has infiltrated the halls of power and influence and declared war upon what, in the not-so-distant past, was considered normal and was to be cherished. When one of these saboteurs tells you that what you instinctually believe is primitive and you just need to be re-educated, you are facing someone who has declared war upon who you are and the values you hold dear. They are the enemy, and if you’re not looking upon them as such, you’re begging to be defeated. When the fight is brought to the doorstep of your children’s schools, your sheriff’s or mayor’s office, and your pastor’s or priests’ preaching, the front door of your home has been breached. In fact, the war has most likely already crossed your threshold. Do you recognize that you’re in a battle, or are you sitting ducks for someone who has declared you their enemy, whether you realize it or not? Knowing that there are people who recognize the same enemy and are willing to fight with you should give you all the hope you need to face every day like a soldier in a battle you didn’t start. YOU’VE been aggressed upon. How will you fight back?


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