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Andrew Tate is the Grifter that Modern Western Societies Richly Deserve

Jul 13, 2023

One of the famous quotes from the 2008 hit movie, The Dark Night, by one of the main characters goes something like this: “Because he is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” The James Gordon character who says that line to his son is trying to tell him that the behavior and methods of Batman might be imperfect, but was right for the circumstances and conditions in Gotham city. In a similar vein, I am going to put forth the controversial idea that Andrew Tate (or the character he plays in public life) is the grifter that contemporary effeminate and dying western societies richly deserve. By now, I am sure that most readers have heard about Andrew Tate. If you have not, here is a very quick summary.

Andrew Tate is best described as ex-kickboxer with a flair for self promotion who got onto some reality TV show and used opportunity to build a large online presence by making carefully tailored controversial statements. His real genius was the recognition of a massive untapped demand for public figures who would unapologetically defend traditional masculine behavior- even if they did so as performance art. Andrew Tate’s business model is, therefore, playing such a person for public consumption and I am not defending this business model. Having said that, his success in the past few years says a lot about how effeminate and utterly dysfunctional most western societies have become. Hence his success is almost exclusively due to preexisting conditions.

To understand what I am talking about let us quickly go over a few major and systemic problems affecting relations between men and women in most developed countries. As some might remember, in the past few months I wrote two posts on some of these very issues- Weak Men Facilitate the Delusions of Women, False Consciousness, Self Image and Women in Western Countries and Why do Mediocre Women Delude Themselves about Their Sexual Desirability. In both, I have made the point that most institutions in modern western societies in addition to effeminate men have created a situation where even the most mediocre woman thinks she can easily end up in a long-term relationship with some tall guy with a six figure income and nine inch dick. In real life, most women will get only a few hookups in their entire lives with a guy with qualities that even remotely approach what they desire.


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