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Trailer Park Mom: A Reflection

Kruptos explores the power of condensed symbols, the societal disdain for the trailer park lifestyle, and the disconnect between dissident right politics and the realities faced by the working-class poor.

Condensed symbols and archetypes are powerful. They can be like wrestling monsters, dragons or other mythic beasts. But they can be sources of great energy if we have the courage.

At 3:00 PM EDT, I, @_kruptos, found myself at the center of Twitter storm. It began with a few of us joking around in a group chat about a TikTok video which began showing up in people’s feeds showing a young mother cooking for her children. Her home was in a trailer park. The original video from Pearl Heart @tradwife3000 was accompanied with the text “Finally a real trad wife.” One of the members of our chat already had a well-circulating commentary on this video. I joked that I should, like celebrity chef Emeril would say, “Take it up a notch!” So, I did just that:

The original video without Pearl Heart’s commentary went out onto my Twitter timeline and immediately I knew something was up. Within an hour it had received over 100,000 views. It was a strange Tweet. It didn’t generate a lot of likes. Not that many people re-Tweeted it. What they did was Quote Tweet and offer their comments. Many of those Tweets garnered several hundred thousand views themselves. Soon the video and my Tweet were all over the right-wing Twitter space. I was getting sub-Tweeted. You see, it turns out that this so-called “real trad wife” had aborted her fifth child and maintains an Only Fans page. Because the video, and this line, “finally a real trad wife,” were everywhere, people began to conflate my Tweet with other Tweets, and it quickly became a hot mess. As I noted in the group chat where this all began, it was like driving a spike into the id of the dissident right.


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