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If They Won’t Police Their Own Cultures, Someone Will

Jun 23, 2023

Once again, I have had the “you are a racist and homophobe” criticism leveled against me. My typical response to such allegations is, “And?” But this time I thought I would address why I’m not buying the “we have to judge people as individuals” line in “the current year.” Especially as we’re living in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Era, where every group, with the exception of White people, is afforded privileges beyond their common rights.

It is a fact that black people in the United States commit over 50% of the murders despite being 12–13% of the population. I would include Hispanic numbers, but as you can see from the link I provided, the FBI is now combining white and Hispanic crimes. Some have pointed out that the overwhelming majority of murders committed by black people are restricted to males in the age range of 18–45, which would bring the percentage of population closer to 6%. I understand that just my pointing this out makes some of you feel uncomfortable. And for those that are uncomfortable, my question is, “Why?” Is it because you’ve been convinced through specific social engineering techniques, or even “diversity training” videos you have been forced to watch at work, that judging a group as such is immoral or evil? That noticing and repeating these statistics makes you evil?

For decades, people have been calling on the black community—who, again, are granted special rights and privileges—to police themselves when it comes to murder, rape, and violent crime. And with many of these crimes being committed by blacks upon other black community members, this call for self-correction is a valid strategy. There are small factions that have tried to enact changes, but the majority have not. And the current regime in charge will not help as not only does it not care about this violence, but it uses it to push agendas and, in many instances, for in-real-life violence against peaceful locales. This violence is now spilling into other cultures with peaceful people being hurt or killed. If this country is to avoid descending into a dystopian wasteland, this overwhelming per capita violence by one group must cease. And it would be better for the black community if they policed themselves. But, in my opinion, that’s not how this problem is going to be resolved.

When criticism is leveled at the “gay community” (and I use this term purposefully), some may feel less uneasy than when the “black community” is invoked. This may be due to the “plight” of blacks having been forced into the American education system curriculum for longer than that of the “plight” of homosexuals. Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that the homosexual community has stepped to the forefront of the Progressive movement recently. I contend that the gay community would most likely still be ignored by those on the Right (or whatever passes for the Right these days) had they not explicitly begun to target school-age children, starting in kindergarten (and even lower in some instances). Whether it be Drag Queen Story Hour, with their push to teach kids in primary school about gay sex, or choirs explicitly singing that they “will convert your children” and you won’t notice it until it’s too late, the gay activist agenda is clear: they want your kids. And as revealed in this episode with my friend Charles, in which we read this “gay activism” manifesto from 1987, it’s not only your child’s mind that they want.

My message to the “gay community” would be: prove my accusations wrong. This is a community that lobbies for special rights and privileges beyond what I am afforded—especially in the private sector. Therefore, they will need to either hold themselves accountable to weed out the freaks and weirdos, or eventually deal with that someone else who will. And history tells us the latter will not be ideal for them.

I sat down to write this because I have been accused of lumping individuals worthy of criticism into certain groups. Maybe, MAYBE I’ll stop doing that when these groups abandon demanding rights and privileges as a collective. If someone identifies as part of a collective for one purpose, then I’m going to continue identifying those individuals as part of the collective when they commit crimes at extraordinary percentages or groom children. Either self-police or people will become “actively anti-activism” quickly. In fact, the “anti-activism” has already started. History tells us that you won’t like the way this ends.


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