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The Only Ones Openly in Defiance

Jun 12, 2023

If you were old enough to grasp what was going on after the 9/11 attacks, you probably remember that a lot of your fellow citizens—maybe even you—had at least some suspicion of Muslims. For some, it was a flat-out hatred. People watched the Towers fall (three of them), the Pentagon burn and a plane crash into a field.  Many fellow countrymen perished. The anger was understandable, especially since we were fed a non-stop narrative that Muslims were responsible, and many people believed it. However, once more information began to come out, the average American should have refined their thinking.

While I believe many did change their thinking back then, I fear we may see renewed enmity directed at Muslims, because as far as the regime is concerned, its anti-Muslim sentiments and actions never stopped. The regime is friendly with a few Muslim countries, but only because those countries aren’t friendly with its chosen enemies, mostly Iran and Russia. But DC keeps pushing inclusivity on people who are of a different culture and want none of it. Yes, before the US departure of Afghanistan, there were schools teaching gender and women’s studies, and even a George Floyd mural was spotted in Kabul. But those actions were pushed by American forces stationed and working there.

There are reports in this country that those of the Muslim faith are becoming more inclined to the “Woke” religion, but I’d need to see concrete evidence of that. An example of why I doubt this claim is the absence of “Pride Month” branding from corporate accounts in the Muslim world.  I find that to be telling.

If “Woke” is the new ideology the Global American Empire (GAE) is promoting, it’s clear who isn’t buying.

So why would the GAE turn their gaze back to Islam? Simply because most of Christianity has allowed the “woke” ideology to expand and has either chosen to ignore it or fully embrace it. What about the Jews? 70% are perfectly fine with it. So, that leaves only one group that appears to be fighting back against the GAE, at least in their own countries. A group the GAE has targeted before and proven they have no problem slaughtering in large numbers. Maybe Christians are afraid the eye of Sauron will turn and look at them. Maybe Christian doctrine has become so watered-down that they forget that the Bible declares much of what the GAE promotes to be an abomination. Whatever it may be, and I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion, it appears those who follow the prophet Mohammed are the few who openly and matter-of-factly reject the Gomorrah the GAE is building. And where does that leave the people of the USA?


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