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A Master Class In Debating the Right

Episode 124 with Jason Nichols

May 19, 2023
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Media fawns and humiliates themselves over Secretary Pete, Ron DeSantis sinks to new lows in his war on trans people, and Kyle reveals that time he almost had to debate Alex Jones. We have a lot to talk about on this week’s episode of KK&F. And we’re thrilled to be joined by Jason Nichols a leftist who frequently appears on Newsmax.

Jason discusses his strategy and goals for appearances, his views on “platforming” extremists, and how he stays sane in the face of insanity.

Watch below for our in depth discussion on how and why to go into the lion’s den:

Also in this week’s news, if you’re wondering how well the Dem consensus is holding together (heading toward a presidential election!), look no further than the latest news out of Capitol Hill. Leftists calling for Dianne Feinstein’s resignation have been met with criticism for ageism, insensitivity, sexism, you name it — but can’t we agree that Americans deserve governmental representatives who can name when they’ve been present in congressional proceedings? The latest news, that Feinstein can’t recall her absences from Congress, is just one in a long list of serious grievances the Left can raise to the idea of Feinstein in power. We should be way more concerned by her opposition to urgent action on climate change. But those calling on Feinstein to step down make an important point. Liberals have been quick (and far more brutal) to critique perceived unfitness in their political opponents. Progressives asking for competent representatives aren’t asking for too much.

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