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Is marriage a form of slavery?

The Mindcrime Liberty Show discusses whether marriage is a form of slavery. Feminists, as well as other radical thinkers, view marriage as a form of slavery from which the individual needs to be liberated. Currently many men’s rights advocates would posit that men of all classes can and do get exploited by marriage laws. It seems that both sides have a low view of marriage, yet unlike chattel slavery, marriage is a social institution which continues on.

Marriage rates may not be as high as in the past but why do both men and woman (as well as same sex couples) choose to become part of this seemingly reactionary institution? Free love seems to be the revolutionary position as opposed to monogamy, and if one asks Plato/Socrates the ideal system is a kind of common ownership of children. Why don’t other forms of human relationships get tried and what explains the persistence of this seemingly reactionary institution? Is it a killer app and the only reasonable way to raise children? Is marriage really a form slavery? Are people choosing to “sign” themselves up for slavery?

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