“Is ‘The Economist’ Making the Best News Podcasts Right Now?”

Aloof. Indifferent. Dry as sand. These are terms our podcast critic, Nicholas Quah, uses to describe the news-focused audio shows from the staid 179-year-old magazine The Economist, and he means them all as compliments. “They are incredibly British,” Nick writes about the publication’s expanding suite of podcasts, “and they’re not for everybody.” But they seem to be catching on nonetheless: As Nick reports, The Economist’s listenership is rising fast as its shows grow in ambition — a stark contrast from the rest of the podcast industry, which is facing cuts, cancellations, and, according to Nick, creative stagnation.

— Ray Rahman, senior editor, Vulture

Is The Economist Making the Best News Podcasts Right Now? Its shows are aloof, even indifferent — and immensely listenable.

Photo: Johannes Arlt/laif/Redux

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