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The Enemy Doesn’t Create, It Distorts

A normal day for me is spent sporadically perusing breaking stories on social media. The majority of my news consumption is on Twitter, and there’s a reason for that: Twitter is where the regime’s propaganda/talking points are released to the masses, who then take them and spread them far and wide. When a mass shooting occurs and the first report you hear is that the suspect is a white male with a Hitler shrine in his bedroom, that comes from Twitter.

When I examine last week’s Covenant School massacre in Nashville, I don’t have to ask myself why it happened. In my mind, it was inevitable.  I say inevitable as I also spend some of my time on Facebook and recently noticed that some of the chats in transgender activist groups are openly discussing arming themselves against the hateful white Christians who wish death upon them. There’s one big problem with that scenario though: the Christian fascists ready to slaughter Trans people are completely made up. In fact, when you look at the numbers, murders of trans individuals roughly line up with the national murder statistics for any given year (PR = Puerto Rico):

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Steve Sailer @Steve_Sailer
Updated: 38 transgenders killed in 2021: 20 perps were reported to be black 3 perps were Hispanic Zero perps are known to be white No suspects yet in 10 cases 2 killed by police, 1 in jail, 1 by a juvenile, 1 by another trans of unstated race. In PR, 6 trans killed by PRs.
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Ttroopsx @ttroopsx

@Steve_Sailer Updated thanks to some help from others online. I verified their submissions and added some based on HRC end of year data.

Mr. Sailer breaks down the numbers and comments on the phenomenon in this article. The narrative that White supremacists are targeting transgender people is just a lie. After last week’s shooting at Covenant School, it would be more accurate to claim that transgender people are targeting Christians and their children for death. I know that one incident doesn’t support that level of hyperbole, but at least it would have some basis in reality.

The fact is that some transgender people honestly believe they are being targeted for genocide. It appears the social engineers behind this indoctrination are very good at what they do. Much like the 18th-century pastor Jonathan Edwards often preached for Christians to be careful as demons were hiding in bushes waiting to pounce upon those that were unaware, so have these social engineers convinced many trans people that literal Christo-fascists are waiting around every corner to slaughter them. As I said Friday night in a Livestream with Old Glory Club, I have sympathy for trans people because I believe they are victims of regime propaganda. To what end is too much to get into at this moment. I just want everyone to realize that 1. there is no transgender genocide going on, and 2. unfortunately, the trans community is being radicalized as they believe there is a genocide. And there’s a chance what we witnessed at Covenant School will not be the end of this radicalization.


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