COVID19 Was About Mandates, We Must Keep Pushing Back Against WHO & WEF

Dr. Kat Lindley: COVID19 Was About Mandates, We Must Keep Pushing Back Against WHO & WEF

Dr. Kat Lindley discusses her experience during the “pandemic” and how growing up in communist Yugoslavia allowed her to instantly recognize the totalitarianism we were being subjected to by our governments in the name of “public health”. She explains how she lost faith in the CDC as absolutely none of the pandemic protocols made any sense and the vaccines are not safe and effective. The elites are doing a great job at advancing the Great Reset (e.g. EVs, CBDCs, bugs). Nevertheless, good things are happening such as protests and we are over the target when it comes to messaging. The WHO is seeking to take away our sovereignty, we must keep resisting.

ANALYSIS: What Will Israel Look Like in the Multipolar World?

Israel appears to be entering a volatile phase of its history, where its largest threats appear to be domestic, not foreign, in nature.

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