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With Another Shooting, More Masks Come Off

When it comes to mass shootings that are reported on in the news, I am always hesitant to even comment on the event. Why? Because initially it’s impossible to know all of the information about the event and one inevitably ends up sharing information that turns out to be incorrect. And I would rather not have to backpedal and apologize for sharing falsehoods.

Another reason I would rather not talk about these events is that I know many who are reading this see every mass shooting or tragedy as a psychological operation being perpetrated by the puppet masters. If I report on a security guard shooting and killing a bank robbery suspect and someone notices that the police officer being interviewed about it has a 33 in his badge number, I’m going to have to listen to stories about how the shooting was orchestrated by the Freemasons, yada yada, and I’d rather concentrate on other things. Besides, if that’s your thing, there are other commentators who are better trained on these subjects than I am.

Taking the Nashville shooting on its face, I’m much more interested in the reaction to the event than how the event happened. What I’ve witnessed is unfortunately about what I expected. Social media pundits who identify with the Left couldn’t be happier that the shooting happened in a Christian school. Radio host David Pakman commented on the shooting:

Pakman eventually deleted this Tweet with the following explanation (that was immediately challenged):

These people are scum. When a shooting in a school, etc., happens, people with an anti-gun agenda will almost immediately use the event to push their agenda. In this shooting, they stand atop the bodies of dead children to attack Christians and their faith. This is not to be ignored. This is another one of those “mask-off” moments when these people reveal what they truly believe. And it didn’t stop with Pakman, although the comments weren’t all about Christianity:







I don’t think I have much more to say about this other than these are the things people say and think when they’re anonymous on social media and probably making an effort to not get their accounts suspended. Imagine what their opinions are when they aren’t worried about violating the terms of service. Are you still buying into the “we all must find a way to get along” myth?

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