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If The Enemy is Unapologetic, How Must We Live?

While I rarely like to comment on subject matter I haven’t examined with my own eyes, I trust the source who told me this, so here goes. I try to watch as little TV as possible, but I do keep up with shows and movies people are discussing, even if I have no intention of watching them. When I turn on the Firestick, recommendations for shows appear on the home screen, and one of the TV shows that has been recently highlighted is “The Last of Us.”

Here’s the description from IMDB:

After a global pandemic destroys civilization, a hardened survivor takes charge of a 14-year-old girl who may be humanity’s last hope.

When I read that description, I thought, “Great! Yet another show about a dystopian future.” I can just turn on cable news if I’m interested in that subject.

After watching the full, first season of “The Last of Us,” my acquaintance posted a short review on Facebook:

Watched HBO’s “The Last of Us.” All the heroes (except Pedro Pascal’s character) were gay or lesbian, all the Christians were cannibals, and the pastor was a serial child rapist.

So Hollywood. So fashionably today.

The message being sent by writers, producers, directors, and show runners of shows like “The Last of Us” is clear: they hate the foundational values the West was built upon. Not only that, those that hold said values are to be treated with contempt and will play no part in any future they have planned. In that future, we will be treated only as a cautionary “campfire tale,” which is ironic because they’d want to do away with campfires. For those of us who are not going to lie down but intend to fight, how do we go forward? Boldly! We live our lives according to the rules we set and apologize for nothing. And I mean nothing!


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