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Dissent Into Madness: Crazy Conspiracy Theorists

by James Corbett
March 19, 2023

In “Dissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of Psychiatry,” I told the long and sordid history of how the study of the mind has been used to suppress political opposition and subdue unruly segments of the population—not just in the “enemy states” of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany or communist Cuba, but in England and the US and the rest of the “free and democratic West” as well. I also looked at specific examples of how this was accomplished and named names of some of the figures who had a hand in forging this psychiatric weapon.

With that history in mind, this week I will explore how the public has been trained to accept the pathologization of those peskiest of dissenters, the conspiracy realists. I will also explain how the trigger has already been pulled on this psychiatric weapon and how it is impacting those who dare question the motives of our would-be rulers.

Are you ready? Let’s begin . . .

Pathologizing Conspiracy

One of the most popular articles to be written in recent decades is titled “Why Do People Believe in Conspiracies?”

It starts by noting the worrying rise in the number of people who believe in wild, outlandish theories about how people in positions of power conspire to maintain their influence and expand their wealth.


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