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You don’t have to apologize for your beliefs

I was planning on taking the day off, but this thought started rolling around in my head.

Those who are of the Progressive Left—and I understand many just use ideas and tactics from that ideology to gain power and may not truly believe in it—are masters at trying to trap you in a corner when it comes to what you believe. Some of you may know that my wife and I are house hunting (and what a great time it is to be doing that). Like most people, and yes, I mean most people, I am looking at the demographics of any area where we find a house that may be suitable. Instinctively, and because of our programming, many reading this may have reacted negatively to what I just wrote. And I would expect my enemies to seek to use that against me. But there’s no fucking way I’m going to allow them to do that. I am not going to go into apology mode like the typical Right-winger does when an accusation of racism is tossed at them. I just don’t give a fuck. I’m not going to apologize for something that every shitlib does.

The fact is that most of these scumbag Progressives live their lives like they would decry a White Nationalist for wanting to. Most Progressives live in lily-white neighborhoods and are employed in jobs that have historically not been filled by minorities. Yes, that’s pointing out that they’re hypocrites, but I assume I’m preaching to the choir here. And the choir needs to hear the preaching too. A reminder of who and what the enemy is is demanded periodically.

These are people who have one enemy: White people. Especially White Christians who have children and are raising them with Christian values. The fact that MANY are White women shouldn’t be ignored, but we also can’t allow that fact to be used to make any claims they make appear legitimate. They’re garbage, and if you think you’re going to have an honest conversation with them, you’re a liability.

These “Progressives” control the universities, the regime media, social media, and the government. If you have dialogue with them, you have control over what you say and the tactics you use. Ceding any ground to them in a conversation that is most likely futile anyway—other than for the person who may be lurking and listening to what is being said—means they win. If they call you a racist and you start saying you aren’t, that shows that you’ve decided to play a game in which they make the rules. Do you think you’re going to win? The only reason I see for even having a conversation with these “people” is to tell them you’re not going to back down, ever. You’re not going to play their game, no matter what they call you or accuse you of. Why would you? Are you still of the opinion that these people are redeemable other than by divine intervention?

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