How Denmark’s Welfare State Became a Surveillance Nightmare

How Denmark’s Welfare State Became a Surveillance Nightmare

Gabriel Geiger

Once praised for its generous social safety net, the country now collects troves of data on welfare claimants.


This Algorithm Could Ruin Your Life

Matt Burgess, Evaline Schot, and Gabriel Geiger

A system used by the Dutch city of Rotterdam ranked people based on their risk of fraud. The results were troubling.


Inside the Suspicion Machine

Dhruv Mehrotra, Justin-Casimir Braun, Eva Constantaras, and Gabriel Geiger

Obscure government algorithms are making life-changing decisions about millions of people around the world. Here, for the first time, we reveal how one of these systems works.


Why the Floppy Disk Just Won’t Die

Jacopo Prisco

A surprising number of industries, from embroidery to aviation, still use floppy disks. But the supply is finally running out.


Yes, ChatGPT Is Coming for Your Office Job

Will Knight

White-collar workers may soon face the AI disruption everyone’s been panicking about. But the news may be better than you think.


The 42 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now


From ‘Lost in Space’ to ‘Wednesday’, these are our picks for the best Netflix streaming titles to binge this week.





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