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How the Scott Adams Situation vindicates the case for Symmetrical Multiculturalism

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, was canceled over remarks that “nearly half of Blacks are not ok with White people” and are thus “a hate group.” This was in response to a Rasmussen Poll, asking whether “it is ok to be White.” While a lot of Scott Adams’ points were reasonable, his main mistake was in lumping in the Black respondents who said not sure with the 26% of Blacks who agreed that, “it is not ok to be White,” by stating that nearly half of Blacks are not ok with White people. Not to mention that these polls have margins of error, with the relatively small sample sizes.

Rasmussen Poll: Is it Ok to be White?

While the woke mob does not care about facts, only their feelings and punishing their adversaries, they will still exploit any intellectual mistakes by their opponents. Asking “is it ok to be White,” was sort of open to interpretation, with some of the Black respondents who said no, likely responding to the slogan, “it is ok to be White,” rather than the existence of White people, while those who said unsure could have been confused. The woke left considers the phrase, a hate slogan, with the ADL declaring it Hate Speech. Regardless, the roughly quarter of Black respondents who said that it is not ok to be White, even if open to interpretation, still shows cold feeling towards White people, which is likely much higher among younger Blacks. Blacks are, overall, far more ethnocentric than Whites, and even Black conservative, Jesse Lee Peterson, who is controversial in his own right, made a similar point that most Black people are racist towards White Americans.

Even if there are limits to pointing out the left’s hypocrisy, there are ironic parallels between what Scott Adams said, and Critical Race Theory type arguments. For instance, Scott Adams declaring Black people a hate group, mirrors the woke saying that Whiteness is hate, because the majority of Whites voted for Trump. Also Adams’ comments that Whites should stay away from Black people, mirrors the woke calling for Black safe spaces to protect them from Whiteness. However, most Blacks polled by Rasmussen, acknowledged that Black people can be racist too, which goes against a core tenant of CRT, that only White people can be racist, because racism is power and privilege, which only Whites allegedly hold. Overall, much of the left is increasingly using genocidal rhetoric, such as calls to abolish Whiteness.


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